You Never Got Out Of My Heart

You Never Got Out Of My Heart

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~You were there when my heart fell for you, but you were never there when my heart yearned for you, still, you never got out of my heart~ I stood at the restaurant door feeling numb seeing Newt with a girl. She is the same girl from the photo. They were sitting few inches away from me. I thought it was good to leave because it seemed like they were on their date. I turned around suddenly Newt called. 'Prisha, is that you? Wow! what a pleasant surprise..." I slowly turned towards him, forcing a smile, and replied, "Hey! Newt, nice to see you..." "What are you doing here? Where is your friend Kriste? It is a little awkward to see you without her. I have noticed you two going everywhere together be it washroom as well," he mocked chuckling. Even though I didn't found it even a little funny, I forced a smile and replied, "I am just wandering around the town alone. As I was bored staying home. And about Kristen, she might be busy somewhere." "Oh! anyway come and join us. I want to introduce you to my..." "Girlfriend," before his words were completed my mind had already said it loud. so, I hastily interrupted him, "I am so sorry. I need to rush back home. My mom called me twice. Bye..." Before he could react, I was already out of the restaurant at great speed. The sky was covered with heavy black clouds and soon one after another drops of rain drip down along with my tears. I walked few steps but was not able to go any further. I fell on my knees getting weak to stand and slowly eyes got blur. Soon, I collapsed on the ground and before my eyes were forced to shut, I saw someone walking towards me.

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handsome like hell
“I think we must seek help, Kristen. Walking around this corridor won’t seem to help us in any way,” I ventured when Kristen my best friend and I were not able to discover our classroom.“You know what? I am also thinking the same,” Kristen agreed in no time."There you go and ask..." I shoved her towards the group of boys standing near the window."What no way...? I am not going. Prisha, you are an expert in socializing with people you go..." she stepped behind me and started to push me."Fine, let's go together..." I gripped her wrist and tried to drag her with me.<
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vamp in our life
“Because he never falls for one who falls for him. So, you just can drool on his handsomeness and dream about him,” she replied, knitting her eyebrows. Seeing her attitude deep inside I had a feeling that we for sure are not going to have a good bond in the upcoming days.“Really? And who are you to say that?” Hearing Kristen’s tone I was sure she was going to get herself in trouble on the first day.“Hey, you don’t wanna attend the class,” suddenly Sam looked downstairs and called us out.“Let’s go.” I pulled Kristen’s wrist.Baca selengkapnya
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“Honey is that you?” Mom called out from the kitchen, as soon as I entered the house.“Yes, mom I am home,” I replied, hiking the stairs with my heavy feet.“Why are you home so early, honey?” Mom started her interrogation.“Class ended early, mom,” I gave a short reply.“Oh! Okay then freshen up and come here I am preparing lunch. Can’t wait to hear your story.” I was sensing the excitement in her tone.I always had the habit of sharing my new experience with my
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emotional blackmailing
I panicked and squatted in front of her. “Kristen, open your eyes. Kristen, wake up…” I called her out patting her cheeks but she was not opening her eyes nor was giving any response. I reached out for the water bottle on my bag and poured some water on my hand, and then I splashed it on her face. “KRISTEN.”Finally, she opened her eyes wide and stared at me for a while before asking, “Where am I? Who are you?”“Thank god, Kristen, you are alright,” I mumbled, feeling revealed, and pulled her in my arms. Baca selengkapnya
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“Will you please decrease your pace? Why the hell are you walking like you are going to miss a train? We are already in school, remember?” Kirsten roared at me running behind me.She had no idea I was so desperate to see those green eyes. So I  just smiled and kept on marching without coming to a halt.“Prisha…” All of a sudden I heard Aster calling me only then I was forced to stop. “God, finally!” Kristen sighed heavily.“Good morning,” I greeted soon after turning to him. Baca selengkapnya
he smiled at me
“You need to know something…” she announced.“Okay….” I tilted my head.“Look I am so sorry I am about to burst your fantasy bubble which you created just thinking he smiled at you…” she blurted, being dead serious.I rolled my eyes. “Oh! Come on, don’t start, you clearly saw him smiling.”“Yes, he did smile but it was not for you,” she claimed.Her reply quickened my heart and made me gulp hard.Baca selengkapnya
no longer care about me
“That was my glass,” Aster’s answer shocked me and I grew more nervous. With my trembling hand, I kept the glass back on the table in a hesitant manner. But I ended up knocking another glass and water spilled all over my pants.Hastily I got on my feet. “I… I am sorry…” I muttered before running towards the washroom. As I was about to reach the washroom, lowering my head I bumped into someone. I lifted my head to apologize but words stuck on my throat seeing my crush in front of me.“I…” I was trying to say something
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his text message and call
As soon as I entered my room, I threw my bag aside and flopped on my bed. Closing my eyes I tried to relax. But my mind was running wild which was making me restless. When I was not able to stop thinking of the things that happened at the school, I pulled myself up.I inhaled and exhaled deeply. “Okay, I need to stop this. I cannot go insane just because my crush has someone else and my bestie is going far from me. I still have a life to live. Let’s start with a warm bath.”I got on my feet and marched to the washroom. I stayed in the bathtub for a while and stepped out of the washroom in pajamas. I was drying my hair when suddenly I heard my cell phone ringing.I grabbed my bag and fetched my cell phone from it. I had full intention of answering the
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stop laughing
“What happened, mom?” I got alarmed.She walked to my side and gripped my chin. Making me raise my face and glance at her, she questioned, “what happened to your eyes, Prisha? Why are your eyelids swollen?”“What?” I immediately got up and ran towards the washroom mirror. “Is everything alright, honey?”Mom’s sudden voice from behind flinched me. “Ah! Mom, everything is fine. Don’t think too much. It is just that I slept late last night because I had to work on a project.”Baca selengkapnya
feel too shy
“Ahhh!” I screamed out in panic and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt a strong force pulling my arms and in second strong arms wrapped around my waist. Slowly, opening my eyes I caught the sight of Aster’s handsome face very close. My heart leaped as my eyes got locked in his blue almond eyes. With every warm breath of him falling on my face, chills were sent down my spine. My sight had nothing except for him. A sudden urge of wanting the time to stop arose inside me which was kind of strange. I had a crush on my classmate, but why was there a strange feeling being close to Aster, it was hard to comprehend. I was so lost in him that, when Kristen called out, “Prisha, are you alright?” Baca selengkapnya Protection Status