Rise Of Vampire Era

Rise Of Vampire Era

By:  Dazzling Star  Completed
Language: English
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Gil a hybrid Vampire returns to the human world to seek revenge with the people who were responsible for his runaway 5 years ago. 5 years later, he gets the glimpse of an unexpected person, Eva, the true love of his life who once betrayed him and now is in search of her missing son. Gil tries every way possible to break Eva down while still trying to focus on the mission he had. Will Eva find her missing son, and Will Gil ever find out the truth about the things which was hidden from him?

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58 Chapters
“What are we gonna do with the baby? Should we send him to the orphanage? After all, she has no memory about him,” suggested Mark standing beside Jacob.Jacob didn’t give any response to Mark and kept on glancing outside the window. Sofiya was cuddling the baby on her arms sitting on the lawn.Mark was surprised getting no response from Jacob. So he called out again, “sire…”Jacob flinched and shifted his gaze at Mark and raised his eyebrows in confusion.“The baby? What are we going to do with him?” Mark questioned again.“What is there to do with him?” Jacob glanced back outside the window.“Should we send him to an orphanage?” Mark questio
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her one glimpse
Gil watched at the droplets of water dribbling down one after another on his window pane. He was struggling to check the surrounding through the windowpane but he was not able to get a clear view.Almost after five years, he was back. He was stepping back on the human world, to rise the vampire era which was in downfall since the day his father Michel Andy's died.He was still able to survive that deadly attack from an unknown person, on his wedding night. He had jumped into the sea half dead but still, he survived, after all, he was a hybrid vampire who was not that easy to assassinate.
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work for me
"Welcome, CEO.." Gil's manager Roy, welcomed him extending his hands towards Gil.
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loose hair
He turned around to hear what Gil had to tell."Will you work for me?" Gil asked all of a sudden.Scratching his head, Carlos said in dilemma, "I need some time to think over it.""Is that a rejection?" Gil questioned in a serene voice."I have my job Gil, you know that, right? I have to deal with my job before accepting your offer. Try to understand man," Carlos tried to persuade him."I don't care," Gil retorted and in the blink of an eye, he was standing close to Carlos, glaring deep into his eyes."Wo...calm down man. Why are you this curt? You were never this before. What has happened to you all of a sudden?"Raising his fist Carlos was about to smack on
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What is it?
"Where are you?" Gil questioned, as soon as the call got connected."I am at the bar... why?" Carlos replied in a hesitant manner."Which bar? I am coming to pick you up," Gil said."I have my car buddy...you don't have..to""I will be staying with you for a while..." interrupted Gil coldly."You what?" Carlos got stunned."Why do you have a problem with that?""No, it's not that. I am at Western Bar," replied Carlos helplessly.Disconnecting the call Gil walked out of his office, after grabbing his coat and the packet from his drawer. When he got to the parking lot, his chauffeur came running towards him and opened the passenger seat for him.But Gil didn't slip inside, instead said, "Key..""I beg your pardon, CEO.." the chauffeur said as if he heard something wrong.Gil extended his ha
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I want Nigel
"Not again..." hearing her Manager's yell, Eva hastily got down and stood on her feet lowering her head down. Gil had no idea why he hurriedly ran to save the pole dancer. Usually, he doesn't let anyone get close but he ran like a wind to save that one bar dancer whose face was hidden behind her mask. 
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meet her
Staying one week with Carlos, one morning Gil set off to his destination after the preparation. During this one week, he prepared himself to face Eva and take revenge. That morning he got out of the apartment without informing anything to Carlos.When it was dawn he got in his car and drove away. Carlos was totally unaware of it. Whole way Gil tried to concentrate on his goal repeating the same sentence:"I am Gil. I am a hybrid Vampire. My father Michael Andy, Master of Vampires was killed by humans and werewolf. I had loved a girl truly from my heart, and she betrayed me. On the night of my wedding with Martha, I was attacked by someone and I had to jump on the sea. So I am here to take all those revenge. I am here for those revenge.I am going to step into a world where werewolves and humans are leaving in peace. So I am going there to destroy that peace and take my revenge. I am here to take the price."Gil pull
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after taking revenge on her
"Thank you for coming!" Eva poured the words of gratitude soon after approaching the table where Ruby was waiting for her. She placed the placard beside the chair before dropping on a chair opposite to Ruby."Oh! you don't have to thank, sweetheart. After all, it's your birthday how could I miss that? Here..." Passing a small bag to Eva, she added, "Happy Birthday!"You shouldn't
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burnt them all
"Wo! mate that was mind-blowing. But do you think it's her? You said her brother said she is no more, isn't it?" Carlos asked slipping inside the car. He was watching Gil and Eva's drama for a long time standing at a distance and thought it was better not getting in between them, or else he would be haunted down by Gil.
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want to drink her blood
"Don't lie, Mark. I know it has something to do with you. Tell me where it is?" "Ok, fine...I burnt them all." 
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