Trial Marriage Husbands

Trial Marriage Husbands

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The two of them had long been crossing paths with each other in awards shows and galas and other social events, and fates seemingly decided that they’ve had enough. One encounter led to another, and unbeknownst to them, they’ll become two important pieces and a part of each other’s life. In the face of too many adversaries and challenges that will test their love and relationship, will they be able to escape unscathed? Would their love be enough to keep them together? Or will they give it up in order to protect their interest and survive in this crazy and scary world of showbiz? “Love is not easily hindered, nor restrained. It could not be stopped or contained for it is untamed.”

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Chapter 1 - Real People
Son, in this industry, real people are hard to come by. People will always approach you with ulterior motives. They will use you for their own gains and will throw you away like rubbish afterward." "But that doesn't mean everyone is fake. There are some people who chose to remain clean and real." "But mom, dad, how will I be able to tell who's who?"  "Hmm, it's hard. But you could tell immediately by looking what's inside their hearts." "So, son. May you find someone who's real and have no ulterior motives. Someone who'll accompany you not because they're after your wealth and fame. Someone who you'll want to grow old with. A partner for a lifetime." "Like what you are for mama?" Zhao Sean smiled at his mom who was playing with his hair. "Like
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Chapter 2 - Heartbreak
"Li Wen and Song Joo rumored to be dating?"  "New Analysis of WenJoo, released!"   "Li Wen: Who is he really dating?"   "What happened to WangLi/LeoWen?"  Wang Leo suppressed a bitter chuckle. He was busy all day (he's been busy since the last few months if he's being honest) at work and was supposed to receive an award tonight as Model of the Year after working his butt off for the whole year. He barely had time to meet with his boyfriend because in between his modeling gigs, he also has to fly in and out for the filming of a variety show he was a host of called HHXX. So he really did not expect that when he landed back in Beijing, this is the news he'll receive. It had
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Chapter 3 - Life Goes On
Leo just laid there on his bed, curled up in his position, not even so much as moving and he's pretty sure that he needs to or else his body is going to hate him for being so sore. But Leo still doesn't move. His tears have long since dried and now that he's not drowning in his tears, screams, and sobs anymore, he could still hear his manager outside from the living room. He wanted to sleep, heck, he needed to sleep this off and be ready for work tomorrow (If he didn't cry his eyes out for the rest of the day until the next day, he isn't even really sure what time is it now, or what day is it now for that matter), it felt like he had been crying for a long time and he wanted to at least get some sleep before he has to be up and moving again and if he doesn't want to look like a bug had bitten his eyes out. Wha
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Chapter 4 - After Party
After presenting the awards to everyone who had been nominated, the emcee had taken over the stage. Zhao Sean was then led to his designated dressing room where he had to change to another set of clothes. He never really could understand the need to change into another set of clothes for these events. But he supposes it is needed by those who have to perform on stage or as a back-up for when they dirtied their clothes. Ah, whatever. "Here, laoban," Jinnian said, helping Xiao Zhan in his red suit jacket. There were some people in the room--his team, which includes his manager (Ju Jinnian), his make-up artist (Peng Xiang), his hairstylist (Qi Ying), and his style coordinator (Sha Sha). He's usually with them whenever he decided to take on a role for a drama or even in these events. He wouldn't know how to style himself if they're no
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Chapter 5 - What Did You Do?
"Wei?" Zhao Sean said after he found somewhere private and quiet enough to take the call.   "Hello, this is Sanlitun Police Station, we would like to speak to Mr. Zhao," A man on the other line said.   Zhao Sean's breath had hitched, why are they calling him now? Did he violate a law that he didn't know of? Or forgot to pay his taxes? He knows that he often forgot things but that must not be it, isn't it?   "Yes, I'm Zhao Sean, why are you calling officer?" Zhao Sean answered as he composed himself, he didn't know why he's squaring his shoulders but he did.   "We are calling to inform you that we arrested your fianceé and we have her in custody. There were some misunderstandings and a fight broke out from the bar they were at." Zhao Sea
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