Caught by the Alphas

Caught by the Alphas

Oleh:  K. K. Winter  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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*** Cat shifter + three Alphas *** Another year, another heat season, and another attempt to escape, but this time- for good. The secret I carry is almost as dark, sick, and twisted as my hatred for Alphas. Running from my problems, I never thought I'd come face to face with my greatest fear in the form of three men. Three extremely dominant, possessive, and obsessive men. Three Alphas. I've been warned- none of them is willing to give up or step aside. Each of them refuses to stop until they "claim" me. Warning: This reverse harem book contains A LOT of mature content, triggering topics and sensitive themes. (Kinks/ BDSM/ strong language, etc.) BOOK ONE IN THE ALPHAS SERIES. The series: Caught by the Alphas - completed Claimed by the Alphas

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I'm not gay.
Sarah pov The vicious howls and growls follow me. One mistake, and they'll catch up with me- then, I'll be slaughtered by the pack.  I push my body forward, nearly falling over a log in my way. "Damn," I hiss to myself. This is precisely what's going to kill me- inattentiveness and carelessness. Maybe I blame these things for what I did, but I'm already too deep in trouble to regret it.  How was I supposed to know he's the Alpha? The man looks just like the asshole of a cheater that broke my best friend’s heart. About an hour ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life, and the attempt to escape is the only way out of the shitstorm I caused.Baca selengkapnya
I'd never hit a woman.
Luka pov The appearance of the curvy Goddess in my club was surprising enough for me to growl at the new bartender. When I noticed his hungry gaze lingering on her breasts, I nearly flipped out. He's here to work, not drool over every woman who walks in the door.  The moment her gaze swept the crowd and stopped on me, my breath hitched. Watching her sway her hips as she made her way towards me sent my mind into the abyss of the darkest, dirtiest thoughts I've ever had.  The things I'd do to her, fuck, I'm one horny motherfucker.  However, as soon as I checked the time, I knew she was too good to be true. She had to be the secretary Tobias had sent. Baca selengkapnya
Never been better.
Sarah pov If my best friend was near me now, he'd claim I was suicidal to climb down the tree, right into the arms of a shifter. Not just any other shifter, but a werewolf Alpha. Literally the worst of the whole kind.  Since luck hasn't been on my side for a while, it's not on my side now. I lose my grip on the branch.  Anyone, literally anyone, would have their instincts kick in, but it wouldn't be me if something like that happened. Instead of reaching for another branch, I squeeze my eyes shut and let my body fall.  I expect a wave of pain to shoot through my body the moment it collides with the ground, but that doesn't happen. Instead, a pair of strong arms hold me against a rock-hard chest. 
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I'm more than my species.
Luka pov Fighting every dirty fantasy in my mind, I carry her to the local hotel. On the way there, I keep asking her name, but she refuses to tell me.  "This is your stop, kitten," I let her back on her feet, grab her wrist and drag her to the front desk.  "This doesn't look like your place," she mutters. I catch on to the sarcasm in her voice, but instead of ignoring her attitude, I decide to tease her.  I stop, and her body collides with my back. Slowly, I turn around and lean to her ear to whisper, "You're welcome to change your mind, kitten. I have a bed with your name on it in my bedroom, whatever your name is for the night." It was sup
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Are you sure you want to stop?
Sarah pov Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Not only is the Alpha, of all people, holding me captive, but he seems to understand when I'm lying. God damn it, whatever leftovers of luck I had- they all left me. May the odds forever be against me.  I take a few deep breaths, contemplating if speaking up is worth the risk I take by coming clean with a damn wolf.  He doesn't take my silence well- Luka leans to my neck, runs his tongue over my skin, and whispers, "Don't worry, kitten, I have a few ideas on how to get you to talk. You're not getting out of here."  The only thought that crosses my mind is to push him away, but Luka's grip on me is worse than that of an anaconda's. He suffocates me as he holds me so flush ag
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Forced reverse harem activity?
Luka pov "The heat season." Sarah finally admits.  Well, now, we're getting somewhere. I lean forward and prop my elbows on my knees because I'm more than excited to hear more about the heat situation.  "I'm all ears," I announce as a grin spreads across my lips. Ironically, my facial expression feels like what others would describe as a wide ear-to-ear grin.  "Can we not?" Sarah groans, hiding her flushed face behind her palms. "It's embarrassing enough as it is, don't make it worse. Please, Luka, let it go and leave me alone. Here's the deal- I promise to leave your territory as soon as I wake up." I shake my head and answer with a question
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I don't listen to orders; I'm the one barking them.
Lazarus pov I notice her as soon as she enters the pub. It's the first time I've seen her, but a woman like her can't pass by unnoticed. God damn it, since when a Goddess like her roams around a pack like this?  The skimpy red dress hugs her curves perfectly, and the length of it begs for me to drag her into the office and bend her over the table.  Her body freezes as I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her back against my chest, but after a few seconds, she relaxes.  "Well, hello there, hot stuff," I whisper near her ear.  She ignores my greeting and closes her eyes, only to continue dancing. She presses her ass against my crotch an
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Something I'll regret in the morning.
Sarah pov If Luka thought he could keep me from the danger that only he sees, he has another thing coming. I've been raised and tortured by a man I'd call the Devil himself. The possible danger that Luka sees is nothing compared to what I had to see and live through.  I wait twenty minutes just to make sure the Alpha doesn't come back. God, how I hate these kinds of men. Dominant, possessive and demanding - they act like they're on top of the world while others are nothing but dirt under their feet.  I don't leave the cabin until I'm sure Luka is gone. I double-check that the door is locked and head towards the main hotel building.  As expected, the same woman is sitting behind the front desk and flas
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Use your words, beautiful.
Lazarus pov Even before my hands get a proper feeling of her body, the whole place smells like sex and candy. The sweet scent of her skin reminds me of coffee, mints, and early winter mornings. The scent is intoxicating, inviting even, and when I add the intense aroma of her arousal, I think I have fallen from heaven, died and gone straight back to heaven. Funny, a heathen like me trapped in heaven. I expect resistance, a fierce struggle, but the darling in my arms melts as quickly as my self-control. Her breaths come in sharp pants, and I'm sure she hadn't noticed how easily her body yields to me. Her hips sway to the rhythm of the music; her round ass grinds against me with such force that I feel like my cock is about to find its own voice and growl like an animal. God, how long has it been since I last touched a woman? The last ti
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Second, again, he's a cop.
Sarah povHoly crap, I did it! I mustered up enough courage and strength to break free from his arms and run away. A loud, annoyed huff leaves my lips as I think about how I've once again taken the chance to run away from everything I want and everything I fear. "He's a goddamn Alpha; get your head back in the game!" I hiss to myself, fixing my gaze on the road ahead.  I don't have any personal belongings, so leaving the hotel won't set me back by anything. Besides, I'll leave the car at the border; I'm just borrowing it, not stealing it.  All I see is the road and the endless forests that surround it. Sure, the view is more than beautiful, but I can't focus on nature and stay here. Within a few hours, I've managed to attract the attention of two Alphas. 
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