Chapter 468 She Who Was Down on Her Luck

Despite Mu Qihao's absence, that was the first time Mu Zhanbei went out with his family.

The same scenario had played out in Gu Anran's dream countless times. However, she had never told anyone about it, not even Mu Tianyou.

There was no point to long for something that would never be hers.

The little family unit attracted countless gazes at the funfair. The women were crazy for the husband, and many people thought the mother was so ugly that they would lose their appetite. The daughter was also beautiful, and it was obvious she had taken after her father.

The sight of such a good looking man beside an ugly freckled-face woman would make anyone feel sick to their stomach. How could a handsome man allow a nasty woman to walk beside him? Was God blind?

While they were at the funfair, many of the women wanted to strike a conversation with Mu Zhanbei even though it was apparent that he already had a wife and daughter.

Gu Anran sat on a long bench as she looked at Mu Zhanbei on a
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