Chapter 474 Epilogue, A New Life

She had returned to the same place.

The public's opinion was like an unforgiving scourge; they did not let her off even for a moment.

Even though Mu Zhanbei and Gu Jingyuan worked together to put out all the fires, the rumors persisted. It was as she had expected, but so what?

She had a family who loved her and a husband who pampered her. Just as her grandfather said, as long as their family was together, what could be so bad about it?

Gu Anran stood in front of the full-length window to look at the bright sunshine outside. Her family was in the courtyard.

Her grandfather was in good health, and it had improved daily since her return. He had been so ill that he had to be confined to a wheelchair, but he could run after his great-grandchildren in the yard then.

"The position of the lantern just won't do. Old Ding, what's wrong with you? Hurry up and fix it. It's not symmetrical at all!"

"Asymmetrical is the trend these days, don't you know, Old Man? You're old and don't know the
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Blesy Bloss
luckily i read thw comments before decide to finisg this book. actually i like the story but if the end is so 'dry' make me dont want to read all chaps.
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Sonia Munguia
she should have stayed with Tianyou. Mu Zambei didn't deserve to stay with her.
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Baby Nobel
.... Xiaomi, to Gu weizi and her greedy parents. There are so many informations lacking. I'm a bit disapointed with the ending.
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