Chapter 79: Comios' battle and Rebuilding Comios

“Oh you look so pretty to. Who are you and why didn’t I see you before, you can be my good wife to. I wonder, you might be virgin to.”

“Tsk of course I can be a good wife BUT… not to you you’re one cowardly king. I’ll give you one last chance to save yourself. Take your people out of this kingdom and never return OR… you will face the wrath of my jade sword.” I said as I look at him.

“How dare you tell me what to do? You will regret this all.” He said and attacks me but I block it immediately.

“My, what a sneaky cowardly king you are.” I said and using my free hand I punch a magic ball in his stomach making him to be thrown to the side and spitting blood.

I am about to teleport to where he is when Vlash appears before me and hold me by my shoulders.

“Stay on side and let me face him. Don’t use your powers as the grand queen anymore, let us handle it. Do not over use your magic and hurt yourself. When things get complicated you can help us. Please Riri, let me do this.” Vlash said look
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