15. New Beginning


As the distance between the carriage and the mansion widened, I felt a painful squeeze in my chest. I was the sole traveller in the beautiful carriage, the same one by which I had first arrived at the mansion, as a bride and by which I was leaving, as a woman whose husband has given up on her because she was no longer needed. No one came to say farewell. I was certain that everyone must be rejoicing. Even Alice,  even she stayed away. Not even Damian. The man who kissed me and pretended to care for me. He did not even come downstairs or to my room to bid me farewell. 


My gaze fell on the little luggage beside me. I did not have a lot to take with me. I subconsciously stroked my ring finger where now only the silver ring sits. I left the wedding ring in the closet. I don't know why I couldn't leave the silver ring behind as well. 

Maybe because it was a gift from Damian? my traitorous heart su

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Bella Jersey
Is the marriage annulled just because he said it was annulled?

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