Chapter 52: Cape of Monster

Ravan POV:

‘How did I suddenly got so lucky to have you cuddle in my arm’ I questioned myself staring at Aisha innocent sleeping face, yesterday when I visited Roma and Julia maa in prison they both intentionally scratched my old wounds by reminding me of the day when I lost two precious people from my life Reva and David, I almost lost my strength after their memory of that particular day started dancing in front of me because that day I truly wore the cape of monster, because on that day I complete took over whole Indian Mafia by killing Thousands of rebels in my rage

Start of Flashback

“I found your culprit” Shabbier said in his stern

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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
dang it...vivian.. couldn't wait until ravan finish up with Aisha...i don't know if ravan should leave aisha alone since Vivian confess some kinda feelings towards aisha but just guessing if Vivian is luring ravan away from aisha...
goodnovel comment avatar
ohhh no why did guddu have to die ?he was so good...

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