Chapter 13

Mia had read the terms thoroughly, even repeating it five times to make sure that the cunning man wouldn't pull some dirty trick. Getting money by being this kind of woman wasn't something she was proud of, yet she got no choice in the matter.

"Are you done signing it?" Seina asked curiously from the sofa, popping some cookies into Aiden's mouth.

Mia realized that it had taken nearly four hours to read the contents alone. She nodded at Seina's question.

"Mama is getting a new job?" Aiden pipped in, reluctance tinged on the tone of his question.

Mia winced inwardly at the word 'job'. It was what she had told Aiden after all, yet calling what she was doing right now that way was somehow unpleasant.

"Yes. Aiden is a smart child. Mama will surely bring more delicious sweets to make it up for you, how about it?" Mia tried to coax him. This child was just sulking over her new possible irregular schedules.

Leon wasn't easy to deal with, and he was a highly disciplined person. He basically treated people according to their values.

"Hey, don't forget about your best aunt here, Auntie Seina. This aunt will be there to accompany you." Seina added, ruffing Aiden's hair. Aiden dodged her hand, pouting as he covered his hair with his hand. Clearly unwilling to get his hair all messy. He scooped a handful of cookies into his hand and run away.

Seina chuckled at that, then shifting her attention to Mia. Her expression turned serious. "Don't forget to kick where the sun doesn't shine if he ever does something despicable."

Mia had taken initiative to contact Leon first about where they were going to meet. She didn't want him asking about her current address and picked up on some clues.

"It's going to be better if you bring a rope. Tie him into a tree and strip him naked for the public to see. Ah, spray some pepper into his eye first. So, he'll know how hell is like. That's  how a despicable man should be punished." Seina scowled.

Mia turned to Seina, her eyebrow lifted slightly. "It's as if you are an expert at doing this."

Seina's eyes widened. She coughed a little and said rather vaguely. "It's just that some men I know are scums. I get better at dealing with them over time."

A flash of emotion appeared in Seina's eyes. Mia was a silent, yet observant person, so she noticed it. However, she didn't confront Seina about it.

"I should get ready." Mia changed the topic. Seina's mood seemed to be lifted a little by Mia's announcement. Mia had been speaking more ever since she started living with Seina. She had gotten more talkative and it was a good improvement.

Mia just grabbed one of the black dresses she had gotten from Leon and wore it. Putting on the red lipstick and some light makeup, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She let her long jet black hair hung loose past the shoulder. A frown decorated her forehead.

After thinking that her appearance was decent enough, she picked up her purse and headed out.

"Be careful. Remember what I said." Seina reminded her.

"Yeah, you remember what you said." Aiden popped up all of a sudden. Mia patted his hair affectionately.

"I will remember."

Mia had the promise to meet with Leon in front of the cafe. The place was closed for today, so she sat on the bench while waiting for his arrival.

As she had just sat down, the sound of a horn nearly made her jump. A shiny black car she couldn't be more familiar with entered her eyesight.

Leon opened the window car with a raised eyebrow, his lips curved up slightly. Damn, he sure was fast.

Mia stood up, heading to Leon. Yet, when she was about to open the car door, a sudden push from behind nearly made her fall. With a slight gasp, she tried to stabilize her footing.


The rough, hoarse voice that didn't sound he was really meant it came out from the black-hooded person who had just stumbled upon her. He stopped for a split second to utter the word, then continued his fast-paced walking.

"Are you alright?" Leon's voice came from inside the car. He inched to her position, opening the door from inside, checking whether she was alright. His eyes narrowed at the black-hooded person who didn't even look back once.

Mia's delicate foot was slightly red. It was clear that she nearly twisted it. Wearing high heels was also something she didn't enjoy.

"You should just wear something more comfortable," Leon suggested.

Mia faltered slightly at his words. She was expressionless. "Most of the women around you wear them though."

"Women around me?" Leon blinked in a somewhat confused expression. He shrugged. "You mean the colleagues? They are doing it for business. You are not here for something like that. Therefore, you do not need to do the same."

Mia stared at him.

"Is something wrong?" Leon raised his eyebrow.

"Nothing." Mia looked away.

Leon realized that Mia needed to enter the car, so he moved back to his original position. Mia didn't need to be told what to do next. She slipped right in beside him.

During the ride, Mia had a look as if she was in deep thoughts. That man from earlier, it somehow felt as if he was purposely making his voice sound rather hoarse. His figure was somehow also familiar...

"Are you done signing it?" Leon's question snapped Mia back from her sea of thoughts. He glanced briefly at her foot, then her expression, and went back looking at the road ahead.

Mia had prepared the signed contract beforehand. She handed it to Leon, who took it with a rather surprised expression.

"Do you not have any questions regarding any of the conditions?"

"No." Mia shook her head. He was capable enough to make everything clear and understandable. The contents were very thorough, showing that he was a meticulous person.

His surprised expression stirred a spark of doubt in Mia'd heart, yet she kept the calm facade on. She blinked and frowned. Something strangely felt a little off.

"Wait, where are you taking me, Sir?" Mia realized unknowingly she had gotten on the ride with Leon. She had expected that she'd go back home after she delivered the documents, yet here she was.

Mia was really regretting it that she hadn't taken the initiative to run away first. The chance was slim to none now that she had gotten here.

"To my office, of course." Leon nonchalantly stated, his gaze kept on looking ahead.

"Office?" Mia managed not to stutter as she spat the word.

"Is something wrong?"

"What are we going to do at your office?" Mia subconsciously bit her lips. At the same time, Leon's head had turned to stole a glance at her face.

Perhaps, Leon had a keen and discerning eye to notice her hidden uneasiness.

"I want the people in my office to know about you," Leon said after a pause. He added. "If you are not ready, we can do it next week."

Mia was taken aback. Since when did this man had become so considerate? Mia thought about his question for a while and nodded. "Next week it is, then."

With a flash of sly smile in his eyes, Leon told her. "It's better if you come to the office while bringing a lunch. You'd look like a caring wife, then."

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