#The Panthom

Lalin looks at the shells Yuta gave her this morning, now that she's home, and lets her mind wander. She thinks as she stares at the brown bodies, wiping them gently. 

Lalin is still troubled by Yuta's declaration of love this morning. She still feels like she's in a dream and doesn't even believe that the man of Japanese descent is attracted to her. 

Why is that, really? 

That's question filling Lalin's brain now, why does the man like her for such a short time. They've only known each other for a few weeks, yet it feels like Yuta has known her for years. 


The door opens, Baozi enters, not feeling guilty for not knocking first. He has his hands folded in front of his chest and grins. 

"If you like it, just say so...." 

"I like it ... But, can we fit in there?" asked Lalin. 

"Try it out, you can judge it when you've dated," said Baozi.
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