The Secret Diary

Cynthia was now done with her work and was finally going to read the diary . She was feeling kinda guilty but who cares , you cant always be a good girl . She turned to the first page . 

"If you aren't Natasha but still reading this diary you are a douchebag "said the first page Cynthia shook her head and narrowed her eyes . She then ignored the text and moved to the second page accepting that fine i am a douchebag . 

Second page had another small nore ," Hey dear diary , you know what I am really lazy but i still wanted to wrie down some important things and moments i wanna remeber so i am not gonna talk to you daily . I will talk to you only when i have beans to spill . Otherwise my life is boring you won't be interested at all ,Don't mind . Cynthia smiled reading the note she suspected whoever this Natasha is she is really kinda funny . 

Cynthia then turned to page 3 , there was still no daily update it

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