Chapter 5 Class and a trip

The students he was assigned, were mostly those from the introduction tour. With an additional 10 added from other classes that were to full. Which was odd considering. 

This put the class higher than any other. Only by 8 but it still was unusual. 

"Alright, in the interim and various other reasons why, I, a student who has not graduated yet, will teach this class. Any questions you have regarding the matter write it down or go and report to the Student Coordinator after class is over. If you have an issue with it and can not tolerate it at all, leave my classroom after signing here."

The students just looked around not wanting to take the way out. The ones who knew him from previously definitely weren't leaving. And the 10 only had reservations due to the fact he was no longer as strong as before. 

As problem students in their first year, they had know grounds to stand on.

"Alright then." William waited a decent amount of time before continuing. "I am William Lancaster. You can call me Mr.William, Mr.Will, or Student Teacher William. This goes for Akademy hours and off Akademy time."

It was odd the day was bright and sunny with a small breeze. The first year through third-year students had classes outdoors. Only time they were inside was if the weather was bad.

"I am going to cover the basics for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year introductory work." William touched a Glyph on the ground. It lit up creating the equivalent of a blackboard and projector combined into one. Writing on it took the use of one's mana. "Wait until after I finish talking then ask questions."

Gathering Realm: Mortals take in stray Mana from the surroundings to augment their bodies. Usually, last for a year for those with out resources or any Manual to help. At each rank, the body innately understands more about mana and receives it as needed. It can help stave off food and water consumption. Repair cellular damage while helping to lay the groundwork for future use.

Pillar Realm: The Mortal moves and has a better understanding of Mana and can shape it into attacks and different methods to defend themselves. Different occupations can now be used with the qualitative change in the mind. The mind can dive into the greater use of things. Such as insights on the various "Paths" developed.

Realization Realm: The Mortal is no more as the body takes on different characteristics of their main Cultivation Manual. The different experiences of one's life. Techniques, the Core of the Manual itself can become real.

"The reason to cover these three additionally, is because they are linked in a way that benefits you greatly." William turned to the students. "Blazing through these Realms have a drawback but they can be fixed in the next Realm. The Reformation Realm comes after these 3. I tell you this in case you ever have second thoughts of what you study."

"So if I don't like what happens in a few years.. its not to late to start over?" A student asked.

"Correct." William nodded. "There is the method of Converting. Only a waste of little time instead of Starting over. Now the Starting Over method with the help of another can allow you to block what was obtained mostly through Mental Blocks."

"What dangers are involved?" Another student asked. Were curious as this could help their family members who practice terrible techniques before acquiring new ones.

"The Mental blocks would allow someone into your Mental Pool or your Mind itself, not good for anyone who may try to take advantage of you." William remembered rereading the methods once more. "A more sinister type can even plant something in your head. I do not recommend it personally."

"So know hope." The light could be seen dying in the students' eyes.

"I didn't say that. Mental Blocks can be placed by a person themself. But they need to have a strong will. The desire to pick at it during the process is high. It is like self-sabotage of sorts." William started writing additionally on the board. "Allow me a moment."

Gathering Realm Mental: With a steady mind, the brain patterns turn technical. Closed doors can be created by the mind to prevent physical issues from developing. Closed doors can prevent emotional outbursts from getting to far.

"This is the reason I suggest all students make strides in the Gathering Realm for their Mind. The benefits are long-lasting and not just what you here so far from others and read about in class articles." William said slowly for them each to understand better. "Consider guarded secrets that affected your body or emotional turmoil the worst of it. Sealing those away goes far in the long run."

"Can we get the Healer Students to help then?" A student asked hopefully. "They are ethically bound to not cause trouble for us. The Soul Agreement we sign should help correct?"

"Of course. But make sure you look over the document before signing. The devil is in the details." William nodded at the student for knowing that.

A few questions were asked and answered regarding this specifically before going back to the beginning subject.

"We gather in the Gathering Realm to prepare. The more techniques the better." Moving further down the board, he started to write some more while talking. "Do not forget the 3 that make a person is at its best when they are all together in some capacity. My recommendation is to do so during your first year. If at the 2nd you believe it is not worth it, then stop. Converting comes into play once more here."

Gathering Realm Converting: Choosing 2 Primary Manuals to study. To gather physical, mental, and spiritual enhancements. Related Manuals have it easy when transitioning through the Apertures, for the Body and Mind. Pathways for the Soul falls short in this regard. 

"Mr.Williams!" A student raised there hand emphatically the moment he stopped. "Is this per the 3?"

"Well.. yes." William said after a simple thought. "So 6 manuals bloody manuals. But their is a way around that. Do not fret." The students looked as if someone killed their puppy. The amount of work would have driven them batty and exhausted them to death. "Their are Manuals to take that facilitated all of the three. With the beauty of the physical not needing one altogether if you live an active lifestyle."

"So... we choose one with the best benefits for what we want and the 2nd to cover the others then. Or we double up?" Another student asked.

"Correct. The choice is yours ultimately since it is you doing the work." William moved from the board covering the gap himself and the students. "If someone is paying for your development then so be it. Take their input but if it is not guaranteed, then their words are just that of advice. To be heard but not taken into account."

"We are 1st years so it is recommended to practice the Balanced Manual. It is generic and steady. With no real benefits to it." A student said grumbling.

"I am currently practicing it. You don't see me gripping." William held his hand out showing his cultivation attainment so far. "The Balanced Manual will allow you to understand the basics first hand and is perfect for converting. Which I plan on doing."

The students started to talk amongst themselves as William went back to working on th board. A few more questions were asked and answered. He passed on the basics of yoga and modern-day workout routines to help the students. A few students were more than ok with this.

As the class was dismissed, William offered to take them to the Library and help pick out Manuals. Foregoing going to eat. Considering he was not able to attend his classes anymore nor did he have to, it was a mute discussion on why he really helped them.

The perfect chance to improve his acquired Knowledge with his students as a cover. Even for when was to go later and inquire about certain works and methods.

The Library reminds him more of a Colesium. It was one of the largest buildings in the city. Large towers in the eight directions. With pretty strong guards all over.

He did not take them to the one on the Akademy grounds. They could go their anytime. He took them to the city one to also get them out and about while allowing himself to see more of the area as well.

In the Library, William moved about looking over books. His students doing the same thing. The task was to find one that interested them for each of the 3 That Made a Person. Then to find one they are interested in overall.

Each student came over with the one's they wanted personally after noticing he did not have any issue with conversing about it. The time was eaten up quickly this way but it gave him a lot of information.

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