➡️ Aruda :

“That was weird but awesome.” Scott said as we brought in my candy from the pillow case bag at the party scroll we went on.

“Praise that.” I said collapsing on Scott’s Couch.

“We are gonna train, so Come on.” Scott said.

Sighing, I jumped up and followed Scott to his training room.

  I jumped up and smirked down at Scott.

“I am the Lady Assassin.. you know that” I said.

“Can I fight you?” Eric asked me immediately after putting down my cat and puppy on the ground to roam around the household.

Scott stood up and looked at Eric with pity.

“You are so gonna regret that.” Scott whispered.

  Eric wrapped his fists and stared at me.

Then, I attempted to kick him down. Eric grabbed my ankle quickly.

  I pushed myself up on Eric and back flipped off him.

I landed with a slight tumble.<

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