Chapter 9: Wanting

Trigger pulled up into Kayle’s drive and honked his horn. It had been two weeks since the day he brought Kayle back to her house. He came to get her every morning before school; then, he would leave to go practice for their last concert with Mitch and Conor. Sitting back, waiting for Kayle to come out of the house, he noticed a green Jeep pull up on her house's curb. Trigger knew who it was before the man stepped out of the vehicle. Trigger watched Private Hixson step out and walk up to the house just as Kayle walked out the door. Trigger got out of the Jag and stood at the front of the car. He watched as Private Hixson stopped her and whispered something to her. His wolf was growling in his head when he noticed the smirk on the commando’s face when he looked back at him.

Trigger stood firm with a scowl on his face, arms crossed over his chest.  Kayle finally walked down the stairs and toward Trigger. He met her halfway and pulled her into a hug. Then kissed


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