Chapter 15: Sunset

Entering the dining room, Kayle watches as Trigger lays the porcelain plates on the table, walking clockwise, finishing as she places the silverware where Private Hixson will sit. Kayle pauses to look at Trigger and catches him staring at her. Glancing back down, Kayle put the knife in its place; blushing, Kayle asked, “Why are you staring at me?”

Looking back up, Kayle startles at seeing Trigger up close to her right side. Gazing in his eyes, she notices the silver glowing around his irises. Kayle watched his hand come to her face. She tilts her head into his hand, closing her eyes; Kayle felt Trigger push her up against the wall. Dropping the rest of the silverware, she opened her eyes. Locked in his gaze, Kayle felt the curtains touch her bare skin. The soft, cool breeze flowing through the cracked window played on her flesh.

“Trigger,” Kayle moaned, turning her head up gazing into his silver-encased light blue orbs.

The touch of his l

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Tina Staab
thats heartbreaking............

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