Chapter 383 Temptation of Wealth

Frightened, Horror flew into the sky. It lowered its head and looked at Chen Dong, who had charged into the sky, and it let out a cold laugh with obvious characteristics of bugs.

"Puny human, even if your strength reaches the same as mine, there's still a huge difference in actual abilities. You're seeking death!"

As it laughed, it flapped its wings. Countless electric currents flowed and condensed on its wings, turning them into lightning wings. It raised its head to the sky and let out a long howl. With lightning flashing in its eyes, it flapped its wings.

Two lightning wings immediately left its body and flew towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong's eyes also flickered with an unyielding glow. The history of a human being enslaved by the bug clan for hundreds of years had caused his heart to be filled with humiliation and anger. This anger that had been suppressed by him in the past was finally completely unleashed today.

Regardless of whether it succeeded or failed, it had arrived at th
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