Chapter Four


I waited a few hours until I was certain Jax was fully asleep. On full moons like this while he was strongest, he was also weak. The power of the moon fueled and drained him completely and when he slept off like this it wasn't until afternoon before he woke up. 

But the risky part of it was that Jax was a very light sleeper and he had extremely good hearing. If a pin would drop he would be fully awake, eyes blazing and ready for attack. 

I glanced back at him, his eyes closed and his long lashes falling on his cheeks, there was no imperfection on Jax's face and I understood why she wolves wanted him but he had rejected everyone of them.

I didn't know where Jax stood on having a mate but it was obvious he wasn't letting me go any time soon. And for that I hated him. He had caused me so much pain and misery and this was my only chance to get away from him. 

I wiggled under his arm and he growled before pulling me closer to him. I frowned as I looked outside, the moon was still full in the sky and I knew in a few hours it would be overshadowed by the sun.

I waited for Jax to fall asleep once more and then I tried to wiggle my way soundlessly and slowly. 

My wrist burned from when he had pinned it over my head and my body ached so much that I just wanted to fall asleep too and forget about everything that had happened. 

But if I did that, I'll awake in the same condition, bring a slave and a toy and the circle would continue. This was the only time my shackles were free meaning I could escape. 

There was no way I was letting this opportunity go to waste. 

With newly found determination, I struggled my way through from Jax's hold, raising his heavy arm slowly away from my body as I peeked myself away gently. 

He moaned a few times and I froze as fear shot up my spine and I gently dropped his arm on the bed and sighed when he went back to sleep. 

My upper body was out of his reach and the shackles dangled on my wrist as I moved. I started to unfold my legs from his and in a few minutes, I was away from him.

I sighed softly as I stood up from the bed and immediately a sharp pain erupted from between my legs and I collapsed to the floor, the shackles rattling noisily. 

All the hair stood at the back of my neck as I heard Jax move on the bed and I clasped my hand over my mouth as I waited if he would awake and notice my absence. 

My heart thumped loudly in my chest and tests glittered at the back of my eyes as I looked back to see back slowly to see Jax had gone back to sleep. 

It was surprising that he hadn't woken up from the noise and I could only be grateful to fate for being a little nice to me for the first time ever. 

I turned back to my legs to see blood trickling down from between my legs and it hurt so badly because Jax had been so rough. Usually I didn't feel much of the pain because I crawled back under the bed after it was over and I didn't get to use my legs. 

But now, I had to walk and if possible jump out the window because the doors were too heavy for me to open without waking Jax. 

And I had to avoid the guards that stood at the front of the house and the back too. 

I tried to get back on my feet slowly and with each step my insides threatened to tear open and tears rolled down my cheeks at the intense pain. 

I swallowed as I went to my wardrobe and pulled out a long night dress as Jax barely bought me any clothes. I never left the house so he didn't have to. And on days he was angry he told me to be naked around him. 

I had lost my shame years ago.

Putting on the dress, everywhere hurt from my movement and I cried silently glancing frequently at Jax if he woke up. 

He was still sound asleep after I finished dressing and I managed to walk towards the window. The cold air hit against my skin and I shivered as goosebumps filled my skin and I pulled back the curtains and looked down. 

Jax's room was on the middle floor so the distance wasn't a lot and I knew I could get seriously injured from the jump. I suddenly didn't want to risk it but one more look at Jax and I was pulling the windows open wider. 

My heart thumped loudly in my chest as I swung my legs over the window sill and my hands shook in fear. 

It was so high now I was seated there. I remembered every night with Jax, every thrust and every scream that escaped my lips and then I pushed myself off the window. 

The feeling of myself floating in the air consumed me before my weight took over and I was falling to the hard floor. My legs hit the floor first painfully and I let out a scream as I clasped my hand over my mouth to muffle it. 

I must have broken a toe as I looked down at it to see the last time bent in an awkward angle. Tears escaped my eyes and I released my lips and took in a deep breath. 

I looked around, there were trees everywhere. Jax was very antisocial and had gotten a house in the woods away from the noise of the pack and I knew that if I ran fast enough I could make it to the pack borders before anyone would notice. 

I staggered back to my feet as I kicked my legs, shaking off the excruciating pain that consumes them before I started to run towards the woods. 

This was it, my only chance at freedom and I wasn't going to let it slip off my fingers. 

I wasn't going to be a slave anymore. 

**Hey guys, so Alora finally found the courage to leave but I can't help but think of the worst that could happen. What do you think? Would Jax find out immediately and chase after her? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to vote and follow my I n s t a @chimdi_jane_samuel. Please leave a review too if you're enjoying the story.


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