Cuffs And Stuff

Kasan’s POV:



“Isn’t this supposed to be the other way around…?”

Brief shuffling…

Then another phase of silence continued…

“Clara…” I was practically down to whining at this point. “What the hell are we even doing?”

Silence intensifies…

Annoyed, I dug my elbow into the mattress and lifted, but as if she had eyes at the back of her fucking head, her index finger came sweeping into my vision then connected with my forehead in a harsh shove. For the thousandth time, I allowed myself to fall flat against the mattress.

Considering how uncomfortable this position was –and take note that I’m almost NEVER uncomfortable-- I could just destroy these restraints without breaking a single sweat but the fact that we were still hanging by that same thin thread was reason enough to let her do as she wished.

Or am I the only one who thinks we’re not quite back to normal yet?

Anyway, if she liked this stuff, I would be more than ready to cuff her little hands and take whatever she wa
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