L&L 2

Autumn sighed, feeling exhausted as she plopped down on the bed. She checked her book for assignments, then took out her phone, finally switching it on. She plugged in her headphones and turned on her data, then proceeded to open I*******m.

The day's events were still fresh in her mind. How she had turned into the object of mockery and ridicule at school in just one day. She clicked on her account and stared at the pictures she had taken with Caden while they were dating. She shut her eyes firmly and swallowed the lump in her throat and archived them, instead of deleting the post.

I will not cry she told herself firmly. She opened her eyes and archive the three pictures they had taken together that she uploaded.

You're so stupid, Autumn.

She refused to shut her subconsciousness up. It was right anyways. She was stupid. Stupid to ever believe that a guy like Caden could ever fall for her. He was a playboy after all. She should have known he was just using her to pass time.  She left her page and scrolled through the pictures the people she was following had posted.

She stumbled across a picture that Caden had posted earlier that day. It was a picture of him and Megan. They were probably dating now.

After all, they fitted each other. Just before she clicked on his name to unfollow him, her eyes caught a comment someone made.

"Wait, you and Autumn aren't dating anymore?"

It was obvious, that the person didn't attend school. If not, he or she wouldn't have asked such a question. Although, it felt nice to know someone was routing for them.

Caden had replied, "Autumn and I never dated."

She felt her heart clench after reading that sentence.

Autumn and I never dated the words repeated In her head like a mantra. Of course, they never dated. What was she thinking? It was just a bet, after all, it wasn't like they dated.

She clicked on his username and unfollowed him. She did the same to Megan, Laurels, and Violet.

Autumn went back to back to her account and started at the pictures she, Laurels, and Violet had taken and began deleting them. Autumn never once thought she would be betrayed, especially by the people she considered her best friends.

By the time she was done, her posts remained only ten. The people she was following had decreased by seven. Her followers had decreased by fifty so she was back to 11.9k followers. She shrugged. She wasn't even concerned about her social life anymore. It had all crumbled down anyway.

Autumn sighed and threw her phone on the bed, deciding that she already had enough for that day. She felt the tears rushing to her eyes but shut her eyes tightly. She had promised Sybil and Ryan she wouldn't cry anymore, and she was determined to keep to that promise.

  She lay on the bed and closed her eyes, listening to the music. Melanie Martinez's Pity Party started playing. With each lyric, she felt the heartache become unbearable. Deciding she didn't want to listen to the song, she took off her headphones and unplugged them from her phone. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.


Autumn forced a smile at her mother and waved her goodbye. She wished she could run back to the car and plead with her mother to take her back home. But that would mean explaining everything that happened to her mother, and she didn't think she was ready for that, not yet, besides, she didn't think she was supposed to have a boyfriend yet.

Even though she was seventeen.

Her mother had once told her she wasn't allowed to have one because the whole focus was meant to be on her books, and on getting a scholarship. Her mother would be so disappointed to know she had a boyfriend, and they already had sex and he dumped her.

Autumn was sure she would probably be grounded for the rest of her life.

"Get off the road! Ugh!" Laurels snapped, roughly pushing Autumn out of the way. This borough her out of her little reverie. She realized she was still standing in the parking lot. Some girls who were passing shot her disgusted looks. Autumn shivered, looking around awkwardly as she wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans, she inhaled deeply and pocket her hands at the back of her jeans.

Laurels and Violet eyed her, not bothering to hide their irritation as they walked past her, Autumn glared at them and hissed.

She couldn't help but wonder what had gotten into the both of them. Especially Laurels. Laurels had been her friend since childhood. They did everything together, from elementary to high school. They went everywhere, to every party, and Autumn's parents were richer and Laurel's parents were average, she went every clothing shopping with Autumn, They always stood up for each other. What changed?

Autumn sighed and looked at her feet as she walked into the hallway. She wondered if Sybil and Ryan were already in class. Someone bumped into her, stepping on her feet.

"Ouch!" She winced, pushing the person away from her aggressively. She looked up and saw Caden frowning down at her with Jake behind him. He was expecting her to apologize but she rolled her eyes and hissed which shocked him. The Autumn he knew would have apologized a thousand times especially if it was him.

"Watch where you're going next time,  Mr," she warned with so much venom dripping in her voice. He couldn't decide which shocked him more, was it the hate in her voice or the way she glared at him afterward.

She sidestepped him and walked away, leaving him to pick up imaginary jaws from the floor.

"Dude, it's clear, that girl hates you," Jake told him. Caden didn't need anyone to tell him that. He knew it already.


"Miss Reynolds, could you please explain what I just said?"

Autumn stared at her teacher in pure confusion. She didn't even know what the teacher was saying. Her mind hadn't been in class at all. She had been thinking of how to get by with class without going crazy. The insults were getting too much.

In English class, someone even passed her a letter that had slut written on it in capital letters.  And the boys were making rude remarks about her. They thought they had the right to touch her anyhow they wished.

The bell rang, indicating the end of the class. It was closing time already. Autumn sighed in relieve. She picked up her bag and bolted out of the class before anyone could stop her.

Sybil was running after her, Ryan was behind Sybil, holding her hand and making her stop in her track, Autumn pursed her lips and looked at her friends.

"You could have waited for us," Sybil said in a soft tone, "we are going through this together." She added and Autumn nodded her head.

"Auntie baby, let's go to MacDonald's before you go home. We are here for you."

"Aren't you supposed to go home?" Jake said behind them.

"Aren't you supposed to mind your business?" Sybil shot him a glare.

"Mom is home, we should go." Jake retorts.

Sybil scoffed, holding her friend's hand, "Mom knows Autumn, except you want me to go home and answer the question of, why didn't you go out with Autumn and I'd answer her, oh, mum, your precious son and his clique pulled..."

Jake cuts in, "Shut up Sybil."

"Make me! Just so you know, there's a part of me that hates you now, I don't care if you're my brother, but you're so stupid to have messed with my friends."

"Your friend is stupid." Laurels cut in.

"You're the stupid one," Ryan said, "Such an ingrate, If I were Autumn, I'd show up at your house and take back everything that she has gotten for you, cause bitch, your bottom barrel behavior is irritating, you betrayed your childhood friend for a penis."

"Slut." Sybil said with Venom and Violet couldn't utter a word, because she would have her fair share of the insult too, Laurels walked away.

"I have no words for the rest of you boys and you Kim, we are done. We are done with the relationship. Idiots." Sybil said angrily.

Autumn's eyes met with Caden and she gave him a smug smile, knowing her other best friends had just fought for her.

They left the school environment and decided it was best they walked to MacDonald's.

"Thank you for what you did back there."  Autumn said, giving them a small smile before she boasted out with laughter.

"Ry, you're mean, you said If you were me, you would go back to her house and collect all the stuff you got her, if I do that, she would barely be left with anything," Autumn said, laughing.

"Yeah! I would do that too." Sybil declared.

"I'm not kidding!" Ryan said, joining her friends in laughing.

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