Chapter 109: Together

Aria wandered her eyes around the park near their apartment complex. She was already out of breath from chasing after him, and he still showed no signs of appearing.

She placed her hands on her knees to catch her breath before looking for him once more. She didn't know how much he heard or saw, but she inferred that he must not have heard a lot seeing that he ran away as soon as he saw them hugging.

"Where is that guy?" she muttered under her breath as she reached the playground. Just then, she saw a head of brown hair peeking over from behind the slides. She sighed and slowly walked over to him.

She smiled when she saw him sitting on a swing, carelessly swinging while staring off into distant space.

She sat down next to him and also rocked herself back and forth, closing her eyes momentarily to enjoy the cool and comforting breeze.

The two were aware of each other's presence, and yet they hadn't spoken a single word—probably because they already knew what this will lead to.
Sand Kastle

Ahhhh! I'm so happy for the two of them. But, there's one more thing to solve!

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KrstL AdrN
Finally they are together.. Congrats Kian and Aria!!!!!
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her updates are daily
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Absolutely love how Aria is worried about Adriel and Kian will help because of them all being friends.

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