A Contract With Alpha Damien

A Contract With Alpha Damien

By:  Vikky Don  Completed
Language: English
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I felt his cold hands grab mine, slamming me against the wall. His face leaned a few inches away from mine, and I could feel his breath blow on my face. "Give me an heir, and I will make you my Queen." He said, his voice deep and cold. **** Despite having every thing in the world, a wife and two concubines, Alpha Damien lacks one thing for sure. An heir. He sends news all over the city to offer half a million to any one who gives birth to an heir for him. Zeta Jones, just returned from school to spend the holidays with her parents when her father told her the news. Ambitious for the money, Zeta accepted to have a one night stand with the Alpha. Among twenty other ladies who Alpha Damien had slept with, Zeta Jones was the only one able to give birth. She demands for her money, in return for her baby, but unknown to her, it didn't go as planned as Alpha Damien has fallen deeply in love with her. Will he be able to keep to his promise for long? And will she be able to understand what fate has for her? Well, that isn't the real question. The question is… Will Zeta survive the terrors of her co-wives?

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109 Chapters
01~ Pregnant!
Prologue:I sat by the corner of my window, staring down at the street. Today has been hectic for me, running here and there to find all means to get money for my dad's treatment and still, today wasn't a fruitful one for me.Mom on the other hand, had phoned her siblings for help, but they all kept saying the same words… "The economy has really affected us."I almost shedded tears, but then I figured out that crying won't solve the problem, so I had to pick up the bargain. Sleeping with the Alpha king to give him a heir.Not like I really wanted it, but I had no choice. The money involved wasn't a pocket money, it can solve almost all our problems and there will still be a remaining for the months ahead. I knew selling off my pride wasn't the best option, but in such a case as mine, you're left with no choice.Choice seem not to matter any more.I told my mom, expecting a negative reaction, but in tears, she told me to go with whatever decision I have made.And my decision is to take
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02~ The Alpha's Love
Zeta's POV(7 Months Later)Since the day Alpha Damien discovered I was pregnant, he hasn't stopped checking on me. He'd show up in my room like twenty times in a day. I didn't bother asking why, rather I would silently ask myself. I noticed he never treats others the same way he treated me, he was giving me more attention than he was giving to them. I don't know why but, I was wondering if there's some thing special about me that they don't have. Or could my own baby be so special and I don't know?I also noticed how eager the Luna was to get close to me. Seeing how the Alpha cherished me, she must have presumed I was going to give him the best. She'd come to my room, or most times she'd invite me to her room, serving me with the best dish. She was acting all super nice Luna with no bad attitude. I could have fallen into her goodness if not for her maid who told me she wasn't as calm as she seems. She also told me that the Luna was only acting nice to me because of the child I was
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03~ Hated!
Zeta's POVI've been sitting my ass in my room for hours, I wanted to get some air. I told my maid to escort me down to the garden. While on our way to the garden, one of the concubines stood before me. Her face wore an angry look, like she had caught me stealing from her pot or some thing. "Good morning." I greeted with a bow."I don't need your greetings, bitch." I acted not to be shocked at her reaction. "Look here, young lady, I don't know what charm you used to cage His majesty to yourself, but whatever it is, I'm gonna tell you some thing, it won't work.""I'm sorry, I don't understand why you're telling me this."She eyed me. "Don't act like you don't understand a shit, you know what I am talking about! This child isn't meant for you, it's meant for us; the queen and my fellow concubine. But you, you just deserve to remain the same poor wretched teenager you are."I was hurt by her words. She didn't even care how it sounded leaving her mouth, she spat it all on me. The second
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04~ Marry Me
Zeta's POVI couldn't hold myself from screaming as the baby pushed it's way out of my thighs. Thankfully, my mother was quick to make it to the hospital, she held my hands as I pushed harder. "It's gonna be alright," she assured me.I couldn't say a word to her, the pain I was feeling at the moment was hell of a blast. My hole was burning like a blaze of fire, and the baby wasn't doing any justice to me. It was taking time for it to scream it's way out of my body."Can't this be a little faster?!" I screamed."That depends on how hard you push." Replied a nurse. "Just get this thing out of me!" I yelled."Calm down, hun, take it easy. You have to put in a little effort to let it go out." I squeezed her hands, breathing in as much air as my lungs could hold. I exhaled it all out in a scream, and then, the entire room was filled with the tears of my baby."Finally." I gasped."Yeah, babe, you did it.""Congratulations, Miss Jones, you have a baby boy."I chuckled, looking at my mothe
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Sign of Relief
Zeta's POV"Your father has stage three bone cancer." Doctor Nick announced." Oh my god!" My mom gasped, and her hands flew to her mouth immediately." He needs to be operated upon as soon as possible. The treatment costs $300,000" Doctor Nick announced.* I'm sorry about this Mrs Jones." He shook his head sadly.My mother burst into tears. My father was laying unconsciously on the hospital bed. "Oh my god!" My mother gasped. Her hand flew to her mouth. We were doomed. There was no way we could raise that money in the space of five years talk less of in seven months time. Delay in treatment would automatically lead to his death." You can get the scan results down the hall." He told me.My mother sobbed bitterly. " I can't lose him." She cried bitterly. I rubbed her back, as my heat was filled with grief. He was hooked to many machines, lying helplessly. We could never had known that the constant nausea, constipation, and weight loss he complained of was a symptom of somethi
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Zeta's POVDad was discharged, and I watched him try to enjoy himself with the rest of the family.When I told him I'd be leaving, he felt very sad. "If I could, I would stop you from going." He whispered into my ear, and I nodded."Yes, Dad. Don't go anywhere." I warned him. He must not die before I get the money."Yes, my love. I promise, I won't." He replied.I took my bag and hailed a cab to Alpha Damien's house.I was directed to his address. Apparently, almost everyone knew where it was situated except me.It was situated in the best part of town. Flowers adorned the tarred road. Are they real? I wondered.As the cab approached the house, it was as if I had stepped into an alternate universe. The lawn was well trimmed.A fountain made from a sculpture of a warrior gives out its water at the right time. It was very beautiful to watch.Well, he wasn't an alpha for nothing. I thought as the cab finally stopped in front of a magnificent house. In fact, it was a mansion.I didn't kno
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The Pull
Damien's POVI was clearing my desk in readiness to retire to bed. Today has been very hectic.From interviewing narcissists, to supermodels, to timid ladies, to very dull womenI didn't expect it to be so mentally draining. My three-man team, consisting of myself, Troy; my beta, Anita; my secretary, and I, were visibly tired from the interview.We watched them from the camera and saw the way they behaved when they thought no one was watching them.I shook my head at their fights and quarrels about who would be the mother of my heir.I shook my head at their surprise when Carla called the first lady. They became composed.During the interviews, some tried to be cocky and sound intelligent, while others tried to seduce me.I sat in the inner office and listened to their responses to the questions. I was disappointed at their lack of shame, common sense, and decorum. One even had the guts to chew gum in the presence of Troy.I was about to shut off my camera when a woman walked in. I th
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A Surprise
Zeta's POV"The Alpha says that he's no longer getting married to the Luna." Jen broke the news to me." What?" I asked in surprise. Out of everything that I expected Jen to say, I never thought that this could come out of her mouth."Tell me you're joking." I said." Unfortunately not. That's the news circulating in the pack right now. Everyone is talking about it. I decided to give you a heads up." She replied. There was no reason for her to lie about it."Why would he do that?" I asked."I don't know. Some people think he has a mistress that he wants to leave Luna for." She said that, and I shook my head.Annulment was a pretty big deal here, especially from a king to his wife. It was a big incident that deserved the headlines."Don't go out yet." She warned me, and I looked at her." Why?" "I overheard Tricia and Alicia saying that you are the one the Alpha wants to leave the Luna for, and they planned to beat you up.""That is shocking." Why would they think I am the one?" I que
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The Cycle Continues
Zeta's POVThe torment from the Queen and her co-wives caused me to fall sick lately. They sought every opportunity to make sure that I was downcast. I have become a recluse in my own home, at least what should be called my home.The painful part was that they behaved well when Darius was around, and when he turned his back, resumed their torments." Ma'am, please take heart. Why don't you report to the Alpha?" Jen inquired.It was a good suggestion but how long would it last? I have to get victory myself, he wouldn't always be around." Some battles are better won without help." I said, and she stared at me. I was sure that she had a lot on her mind but she decided not to say them. I was grateful for that.Not very long, I waltzed downstairs. I would not be treated like a slave in this house. Neither would I allow myself to be brow beaten." Make me some spaghetti." I told the head chef." Um..." He said, and I have him a commanding stare that shut whatever excuse he was about to gi
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Perhaps A Taste of Freedom
Zeta's POV" You're resuming your job on Monday." Damien informed me, on a Friday evening, when he returned from work.I sighed in relief. It was like seeing a cup of water in the desert.A great relief to my soul. An escape plan for me."Really?" I asked again. I couldn't believe my ears." Of course. As much as I don't like it, I want you to always be happy. If getting you a job will, then by all means, go on." He said, and I hugged him. How did I get so lucky with this man?" It's a construction company owned by one of my friends. You resume by 9am, and close by 4pm." He said, and I almost jumped for joy." The driver will take you to and fro. I won't have you jumping buses. If there's any delay, please call a cab." "Thank you." I replied, I was so grateful, and excited to begin a different life."You're so eager to leave the house, that says something." He said, and I tried to quell my excitement."Well, I've been bored out of my mind, and I need to earn a living for myself." "Th
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