A God’s Tale

A God’s Tale

By:  sashalouisep  Completed
Language: English
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Born in a world of hate and death will Elika be able to stay pure? All the odds are against her, and yet; she pushes to remain who she was born as, untainted and pure. But would it last? With her brothers all fighting along with their mother and father, could she avoid it? Fighting against the very things her people thrived on, believed in; what they were taught to live like from the day they were born. The people of the heaven dimension lived and breathed war, training from toddlers to hold and handle a weapon; trained to kill at their king’s command. But Elika was different, she despised the war; the thought of killing sickening her. So when she is called into battle, would she be able to kill and hate, like the rest of them? Or will she break under the pressure of a thousand eyes.

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80 Chapters
Chapter 1
The fiendish war had raged on since long before Elika was born, neither side showing compassion. The battles raged on through the centuries untamed and savage, no side allowing quarter. The deaths were heinous and unprincipled; those who died would not rest silently. Their sinful battle would continue onward, the souls forever locked in limbo where they would endure the tortures of death lingering on their monstrous souls. Not many remember the true beginning of the impure and putrid war, the centuries moulding and bending it into only myth. Those who do remember the beginning speak not of the times of peace, when all mystical beings lived together, when the gods worked as one to preserve and abide life’s creations. But that was long ago before millions died, before the mortals turned away from magic and renounced all ties they had with the gods. Neither heaven nor hell was safe from the war, the sea nor sky dared to challenge the reasons. Neither wind nor earth thought to def
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Chapter 2
The centuries passed on slowly, the war savagely taking many lives from both sides. But this did not deter the outcome, both sides still remained strong and able; their army’s only becoming stronger as the world became darker. After a millennium of fighting Atlas continued to refuse the peace for the people of the heaven dimension, his fight continuing. Eventually he found a mate; a young woman as powerful as himself, he found the match strategic and married her almost immediately.Many thought that his mate Atnya would sway Atlas’ temper and a truce would be made, but they were wrong. Atnya was as dark hearted as the ruler and soon convinced him that they should fight more and throw everything they had into destroying Darkous. She also stood by him in every decision, believing that they should not follow the mortal world’s technological advances. Atlas believed that the heaven dimension should remain as it had for centuries, banning all technology that he d
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Chapter 3
The raid began with a bloodthirsty vengeance, Atlas taking all the men he had into hell. The battle was both untamed and putrid, the casualties increasing by the minutes... Darkous smiled and chaos unfolded around him, the wave of battle was here, the smell of blood invading his nostrils. All around him were people fighting for their lives and for the lives of their loved ones, but this did not disrupt or unsettle Darkous. It in fact made him more agile and alert as he stalked into the centre of the battle, the hand crafted sword strategically by his side, ready to strike at the first person who would dare to threaten his power. He thrived on the pure adrenalin that came with battle and loved the helpless look on people’s faces as he landed the killing blow. But nothing compared to the total satisfaction of knowing that his brother once again failed to carry out a full scale surprise attack on hell, no nothing could compare to the feeling Darkous got as he
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Chapter 4
Elika smiled as the band continued to play, the sound of music filling her ears with sweet bliss. She was sat beside her oldest brother Peter, his smile seeming to brighten the whole room. Peter was exactly a foot taller than Elika, with combat cut black hair. His night black suit giving compliments to his emerald green eyes. Elika giggled before looking around the grand throne room, her eyes landing on Timmy. As usual he was stood beside other soldiers, his black mullet like hair glued to his head with sweat. He stood shorter than most other guards, reaching only 6 foot 1. His navy green suit matching his mossy green eyes, his semi-automatic machine gun by his side.Elika’s eyes scanned the room once more, her eyes landing on her other brothers, Jake and Percy.  They stood along the back of the room, Jake standing at a towering 6 foot 7 while Percy was a mere 5 foot 11. Jake was the tallest of all her brothers, his shoulder length brown hair all but covering his d
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Chapter 5
Elika woke with a sickening ache in her head, the pain from being hit with the handle of a katana lingering as she slowly made her way into a seated position. She thought back to the night before with anger in her heart, Darkous had gate crashed her birthday celebration with a raiding party. Obviously causing the light-hearted mood to cease, instead of cutting the cake being the end of Elika’s night, she was struck in the head by Darkous. The events after which were hazy at best, the headache that lingered only serving as a reminder of how weak and foolish she had been. The princess had allowed her fear to take over, keep her from fighting with her family. The night before had been the first time she had seen the dark lord in person, the stories of his brutality true and just. She had doubted the stories before last night, believing that they had been moulded and twisted by the people. Now, she would never doubt them again. Never underestimate the wickedness of Darkous, or wha
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Chapter 6
Elika had made her way deep into the dense wood, once again feeling at home in nature, it was somewhere she could be herself without fear of repercussions. She sat down by the tree she had become most acquainted with, her ability to really connect with nature pure and innocent; spending all her free time learning the stories and lifestyles of each one. But all was not as it seemed as the princess could feel another presence in the woods, a presence she didn’t recognise.“Who is out their?” she asked the tree, hoping that it could give her an answer.“You need to retreat from here girl, their is a person out here that means to do you harm.” It responded, warning her of what was coming.The princess stood from her place on the damp floor, watching the treeline as she began to back away, nervous and fearful of what was coming for her. She jumped when a hand landed on her shoulder, letting out a piercing screech. Elika turned suddenly,
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Chapter 7
Darkous sat in the small meeting room with Michael, contemplating his next move, the would find Timmy’s body, and then the counterattack would come. But with the little princess trapped in one of the cells, the psychopathic lord had leverage over his brother. Atlas would be enraged to find out Darkous had his daughter, keeping her as a prisoner.“Set up the defences immediately, make sure that either you, Darren or Joey are guarding the princesses room at all times.” Darkous commanded, deciding to be cautious. His brother would send someone to retrieve his daughter sooner or later, so the psychopathic lord intended to be ready.Michael nodded, turning his raven black eyes towards the psychopathic lord. “Of course, I will personally see to the rota. Permission to speak freely, sir?”“Permission granted” Darkous replied, giving a slight nod as he glanced towards his comrade.Michael’s expression suddenly becam
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Chapter 8
The dark lord released his newly found grip on her ankle, his glare deepening into a scowl. “You will learn some fucking respect. Whether you like it or not, you are my prisoner and you will obey me as such.”“I have respect!” Elika argued, her tone matching that of Darkous’ as she continued. “Just not for a monstrous asshole that ripped me away from my family and killed my brother!”The dark lord snarled furiously, his bulky form looming over the princess in a threatening motion. Elika trembled, barely having time to react as her uncle lashed out. Darkous caught her completely off guard, his foot viciously crashing down on her ankle. The princess screamed in pain, anguished tears slipping free from her eyes. The force of the dark lord’s foot snapped her ankle bone clean in half, pain shooting through her leg. Elika squealed as the skin began to swell immediately, turning a deep purple. She curled into a tight ball on her
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Chapter 9
 The room was eerie dark, the princess’ small frame shaking as she moved into a seated position. The only sound in the small cell was Elika’s harsh breathing, her pulse quickening. She scanned the darkness in panic, desperately searching for anything that would give her comfort. For some sign of life. She pushed herself into the corner of the cot-like bed, her back connecting with a padded wall. She was deserted, alone in the darkness. Her whole body continued to tremble as she stood, moving into the centre of the cell. She repeatedly glanced into every corner, the walls seeming to close in on her. The princess gasped, her legs quaking with fear.  The distant screams of her family assaulted her ears, causing Elika’s panic to increase. She searched around the room again, this time for her family. The cell remained abandoned, the princess completely alone. And yet, she could clearly hear the desperate cries of her brothers as though the
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Chapter 10
The psychopathic lord smiled viciously, carefully removing his hand from the girl’s throat. Her head collapsed to the side as he moved back, chuckling as she remained unconscious. The girl’s small frame shook slightly as she took a long croaky breath, her body trembling as it fought for oxygen. Darkous shook his head in irritation, slowly rising to his feet. The girl should have done as he commanded, without argument. Then this wouldn’t have happened. He turned away from the princess, striding back towards the metal door. When she finally woke from the forced sleep, Michael would pay her a visit. The psychopathic lord wanted her obedient, whether she agreed to it or not. The girl was his prisoner and it was about time she acted like one. He turned back to look at the girl, laughing slightly as he watched her tremble in her sleep. She was brave, he would admit that. But the princess was also stupid; her attempts at fighting him only caused her more pain
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