A Moon For The Alpha

A Moon For The Alpha

By:  Liseth Torrealba  Ongoing
Language: English
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Annette didn't expect to be captured by a gigantic black wolf, but what started as a night of dancing in the forest with her sister ended with her surrounded by werewolves. Lian is the Alpha leader of the Southern pack. One night, while returning from his hunt, he is captivated by a sweet scent that he recognizes as that of his Moon. The rough Alpha didn't expect his fate to be tied to that of a small human. What should have been the beginning of a love marked by destiny is overshadowed by the onset of a war.

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*** — Anne, do you want to hear a story? When the world was young, and the herds were still in their most primitive state, a lone wolf devoted himself to singing to the Goddess Moon with passion. The wolf, whose fur shone under the silver light of the moon, sang with a passion and devotion that resonated in the deepest corners of the night. His howls were an ode to the beauty and mystery of the night, an expression of love and admiration for the Goddess who illuminated the nighttime sky. Night after night, the solitary wolf raised his voice to the starry sky, and his singing became more moving with each passing full moon. The Goddess Moon, who watched over the world from high in the firmament, was deeply moved by the devotion of this wolf. She wondered why this wolf, a solitary creature of the night, bestowed such praise and admiration upon her. One day, the Goddess Moon decided to descend to the earth to meet the lone wolf. She descended in the form of a beautiful woman, with silv
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The sound of the rain is loud and clear in her ears, but even so, her whole body feels warm and comfortable; a stark contrast to the cold and harshness of the previous night. She tried to open her eyes, but a sharp pain in her head and chest made itself present the moment the light touched the slight opening of her eyes, so she closed them again. — Rest a little more, — a deep voice says gently — the doctor said you were close to death. That voice wasn't her father's or anyone she knew. "The doctor said?" So, she had managed to escape that wolf, they had found her, and now she was in a hospital, right? — You have no idea how scared I was, my moon. "Moon"? That was the word that had echoed in her head during the night while the wolf stalked her, and that voice was the same voice that had uttered it. Her body was begging for more sleep, but her instinct, well, it was torn in half. One part told her she should get out of there as soon as possible, while the other made her feel safe, t
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— She's very beautiful, isn't she, mommy? — says a small, sweet voice. — She's as beautiful as a full moon. The gentle touch of that little hand on her cheek rouses her from her drowsiness, and as she slowly opens her eyes, the bright light in the room is the first thing she perceives. After a moment, she manages to focus her vision, and the first thing she sees is a small, cheerful girl. — Hello! - she greets excitedly. — Mommy, come quickly, she's awake! — she calls out with the same excitement. — I'm Ellen, and mommy says you're my new aunt. — Ellen! — she hears a second voice calling. — Come here, let her rest peacefully. Sitting up in bed, Anne looks around the room, and the faint hope that all her recent memories were just a bad dream while she's under the care of a doctor vanishes the moment she recognizes the space as the cabin where she woke up last time. In a quick survey of the area with her gaze, she notices that this time the only people present in the room are the lit
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When Lían came across the image of little Ellen crying on the porch of the house, the first thing he thought was that his sister had scolded her for her exuberance, and that had caused the little girl to cry. But when he saw Alice emerging from the thicket near the house in her wolf form, the commotion and concern emanating from her made him understand that the situation was different. — How long? — he asks as he approaches her. — Two hours. —is the answer she gives him as she changes into her human form. But that's all she manages to say. In a swift motion, Lían enters the forest at the same time he lets his wolf out. If he hurries, he can pick up the trail of his mate. His human side can't help but curse under his breath. This is not the best time to play hunter and prey with his Luna. In reality, Lían had hoped to get home and talk to her calmly, explaining what's happening and the changes her life will undergo from now on. But now he must hurry to find her before something bad
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In the presence of his little Luna, the human part of Lían became aware of his nudity. Without hesitating for a moment, he moved to one of the corners of the room, where the lower part of his body was covered by a three-seater piece of furniture. Anne, on the other hand, was so terrified by the words she had heard earlier that she cared little or nothing about the nudity displayed. Instead, she simply couldn't see him as a man; in her eyes, she saw a monster – one willing to destroy everything in his path to obtain the trophy he desires, and unfortunately for her, that monster desires her. — I... I'll go with you, — she says hesitantly. The fear she feels is evident in the trembling of her body as she takes short, uncertain steps towards the men. When both wolves thought the girl would collapse due to the weakness in her steps, she stops and fixes her gaze on Lían. — But you must promise not to harm a single person in my village. — Little one, — the Alpha calls her. If not for his nu
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Anne doesn't need to be a hunter or explorer to deduce that the place where the man named Lían lives is quite deep in the forest and far from any safe opportunity to escape and quickly return to her village. She had never believed in the principle of "when you're scared, you don't notice anything when fleeing," but now she understands and agrees with it. As she ran away from that cabin, she didn't pay attention to the distance or how some parts of the terrain were rocky. — We're almost there, — Lían informs her as he turns to look at his companion. — Do you need help? — he asks, seeing her struggle with the length of her dress as she walks among the protruding roots. — I'm fine, — is her quick response. She would never accept any help he might offer. If anyone else gave her that response to his offer, Lían swears he would leave them behind and not feel guilty about it. But because it's his Luna who's giving him this response, he can't do that. In fact, his wolf can't even get angr
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— Would you like a bit of apple? — Little Ellen asks this question with her cheeks full of fruit. — It's very sweet,— she emphasizes, taking a bite of the apple slices in her bowl. — I'm pretty sure it is, little one, — Anne replies sweetly. After all, the child isn't to blame for everything. —But I can't eat apples. — Don't you like them? — Ellen asks innocently, tilting her head gently. — I promise they taste good. — I'm sure they must taste very good, though I'm not actually sure what apples taste like, — Anne adds as she wipes Ellen's cheeks. Seeing the little girl reminds her of the rabbit she had when she was just a child. — I'm allergic, so I've never been allowed to eat them." — What does allergic mean? — It means that if I eat apples, I could get sick easily. The voice that responds comes from the cabin door, letting them know they are no longer alone. Lían enters the room with calm steps, taking a seat next to his young niece, and he caresses her hair as she gives him a
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Lían isn't foolish; both he and his wolf sense that Anne is lying, but the previous night, he swore not to do anything that might upset or discomfort her. So, he simply nods at her words and takes a few steps closer to her without invading her personal space. — These are wolves from my inner circle and a couple of other pack members, — the tone in which the wolf responds is calm. —They found out that I finally found my Luna, so they came here to meet you. "Luna," that word keeps repeating in her head, and although she still doesn't understand what it means or why they call her that, both Lían and his family use it to refer to her. — Anne? — she hears Lían call her again. — Did you hear me? Snapping out of her thoughts, Annette focuses on the man in front of her. When their eyes meet, for some reason, she can't help but blush, which makes her look away. — No, — she admits in a low tone. — What were you saying? Lían can't help but let a faint smile trace his lips when he notices An
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The sun was at its highest point in the sky by the time all the members of the Southern Pack learned that the Mother Moon had given their Alpha a human as his mate. The younger wolves and some of the older ones had no problem accepting a human among them, but others, mainly the older wolves, had mixed feelings. And although every wolf in the pack knew they shouldn't judge the Mother's decisions, they also knew that no Alpha had ever been joined with a human before, and the repercussions of that detail were something on everyone's minds.— What is a Luna? —Anne asked as she found herself alone with Lían. — Because it seems to be something of great importance. I mean, after all, it's the word I hear being used most often by you and everyone else.Lían looked at her for a moment, considering how to respond to that question. The previous night, he had tried to explain everything that was happening, but Anne had looked so frightened and exhausted, and the beating of her heart sounded so ir
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— What's your father's story? — Anne asked as she walked back to the cabin. Ellen ran ahead of her, and Alice walked by her side. — What makes you think there's a story? — Alice replied. — Well, if there isn't one, then why does he live alone and so far away when you all live in the pack? Faced with this new question, Alice fell silent for a moment, her face showing how her mind sorted through her thoughts. — He's banished, — she finally answered. — Banished wolves can't live with the pack, which is why he lives here, on the edge of the territory. Banished? For what reason would a wolf be banished? — Is there no way for him to come back? — Anne wasn't entirely sure how the dynamics worked in a wolf pack, but if it resembled even a bit the dynamics in her village, the pack's leader would have to be the one to allow his return, leaving only one option. — Lían? — There's nothing that can be done, — Alice replied with a heavy heart. — Nobody banished Dad; he self-exiled from the pa
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