"Why do the champions move to the bottom if they lose to one of the beasts? Shouldn't the champions who lost to other opponents stay on the bottom," I ask as I watch Jali pin back one of my curls?

She smiles, and my eyes curiously analyze her fangs for the millionth time. I have begun to envy the two pointy white pearls. I wish I had fangs like them.

"The beasts the champions fight are massive creatures, and they should not be taken lightly, but the males have been killing these types of animals since coming of age. They are familiar enemies, and most champions consider the beast round to be easy. They use it as a round to showboat. Since this is a well-known thing, if a champion loses, they are shamed by going to the bottom," Jali says, and my eyebrows furrow.

"Wouldn't they only know how to fight creatures from their home planet," I ask, and Jali chuckles before meeting my gaze in the mirror?

"You are forgetting the transport system. Many males hunt on different planets a
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