Suddenly the hideous beast drops down to its stomach. Its four arms begin to move like legs, and Jia gasps as I cover my mouth to keep from screaming.

The way it is crawl-running toward Terrax is horrifying. It looks like a mutated zombie crocodile. If humans on Earth could picture this monster, they would have him star in every scary movie for the next ten years. If he were running like that toward me, I would run as fast as I could in the opposite direction, but not Terrax. Terrax isn't even flinching. He is standing firm and calm while watching the approaching danger.

"Oh gosh," I whisper as the creature springs back up to his back legs.

He swings two of his massive arms at Terrax at once, and Terrax rolls in between his legs. Before the creature can turn around, Terrax stabs it. He drags his sharp blade down the Latroot's back, and the creature roars out in pain. He swings his lower right arm behind him, and Terrax is forced to jump back. But in doing so, he loses his w
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