Accidentally Kissed (Temptation Series Book 1)

Accidentally Kissed (Temptation Series Book 1)

By:  Rituparna Darolia  Completed
Language: English
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When twenty-two-year-old Sienna Hensley accidentally kisses the hottest man on earth at a nightclub, she has no idea who he is! So after a week, when she finds him critically injured and admitted to the same hospital where she works as a nurse, how will she react? What will she do when she finds out how famous he is? To make matters worse, what will she do when he threatens to sue the hospital if she doesn't look after him well? Lucas Donnelly, at twenty-eight, is a successful billionaire but one kiss from an elusive woman has him so obsessed that his mind refuses to listen to any logic. What will happen when the two meet again? What will he do when he realizes that she is forbidden for him? Will he give her up when their past demons catch up and attempt to destroy their lives? Or will he give in to the hot temptation and pursue her forever! Read this first book of the Temptation Series to find out about the passionate and powerful love story of Sienna and Lucas. With plenty of twists and turns, this story is sure to keep you captivated!

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Brenda De La Mater
Loved this story!!
2023-05-03 21:35:51
default avatar
Was just about to start Mia Cara when I realised it was the second in a series so I started this instead. Loved it and am looking forward to now reading book 2. Keep up the great work
2023-04-29 20:41:04
default avatar
Dear author you are amazing! This is book number four of yours and I plan to keep going. Another great love story with an amazing storyline, written well, strong characters, interesting and did not drag. Well done as always and I will be moving to the next completed book.
2023-02-18 05:54:31
user avatar
Valerie Crabtree
loved this! looking forward to the next book of this series!
2023-02-08 12:05:52
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Pamela Oyerly
Loved it! A great read!
2023-02-07 16:09:59
user avatar
Epe Rodriguez Barc
I really love this book thank you very much ......
2022-09-04 02:18:41
user avatar
Great love story. Happy the figured it out!
2022-02-26 12:04:32
default avatar
It’s beautiful loved story I really enjoyed reading thanks Author ...️
2021-12-19 10:04:44
user avatar
Super awesome story .. author is very talented. Love reading all her works. Story will grab your interest from page 1 … must read for all those who are romantic at heart .. enjoy!
2021-11-22 17:07:43
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vinitha nayak
Superbbbbbbb story.... u'll never be disappointed reading this Author's work...u r sure to be spellbound ...️...️...️...️...️...️...️
2021-10-20 17:34:35
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Lulu Bells
This is story so awesome, I'm glued already, can't wait for more updates......
2021-10-08 18:40:31
user avatar
Will read this soon
2021-10-02 07:39:57
user avatar
another well written love story
2021-11-29 07:05:16
68 Chapters
Author's Note
Thank you for selecting my story.This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Copyright © Rituparna Darolia.All rights reserved. No part of this novel may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author. This is the first book of the Temptation Series. All the books under this series can be read as standalone books. This Series deals with a s
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Prologue - Meeting At Phoenix
The moment Sienna Hensley entered the posh nightclub, Phoenix, her head started spinning hearing the loud thumping of the background music. She watched with wide eyes, the bodies gyrating on the dance floor, drinks flowing freely around the place, people laughing, couples desperately grinding against each other, making out wildly at every possible corner. At twenty-two, this was the first time she had come to a club. She knew it sounded weird but that was how it was. Her friends forced her to celebrate her twenty-second birthday here at Phoenix and she had to oblige. Not that she had much money to spend at such a posh nightclub like this one but there was no way she could win against Eva, her roommate, and best friend. So although it was her birthday bash, all her friends, Eva, Hayley, Skylar and Alyssa pooled in money for the celebration. All of them came from goo
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Chapter One - The Accidental Kiss
Sienna’s whole body was on fire as she felt every muscle of his ripped hot length pressed against hers while they swayed to the pulsating music in the background.  His arm was clamped around her waist, while his other hand caressed her bare thighs, stroking upwards, taking liberties. She had never been touched that way in her entire twenty-two years of life. Suddenly she felt his mouth sucking a sweet spot at her neck. Her inebriated mind lost control and she whirled around and wrapped her arms around his neck. Lucas crushed her to his body, grinding against her with need. Sienna could feel his hardness poking into her, eliciting a strange throbbing deep inside her core.  Not having any control over her senses, Sienna tangled her fingers into his hair and pulled his head towards hers. She crashed her lips to his, gliding her tongue over his warm, soft lips. In her sane mind, she would never have had the courage or urge to take such a bold step but then alcohol can
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Chapter Two - Landing Up At A Hospital
After a week, Lucas was able to return back to New York. The launch of a new manufacturing unit held him up for a few days more than he had anticipated. Despite being busy, memories of Sienna and the kiss he had shared with her were constantly on his mind. So, the moment he landed in New York, he drove to his office, eager to get an update on Sienna. However, as luck would have it before he could call Stuart, his phone buzzed with an incoming call from his granny, Margaret Donnelly. Lucas groaned knowing that tonight there would be no escape from her. He would have to bear their matchmaking skills right through dinner. She knew that he couldn’t say no to her and that was the sole reason why she called him in the first place. Sighing, he took the call.  “Yes, granny, I’ll be there for dinner,” he said, giving in already. He was too tired to argue. What was the use anyway? She always won. “But I’ll hav
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Chapter Three - We Meet Again!
Nurse Daisy opened the door and walked into the room assigned exclusively to important patients. Sienna followed her inside and picked up the patient details chart and handed it over to nurse Daisy. They poured over the details when Sienna’s glance fell upon an unconscious Lucas. She froze with horror immediately recognizing the man whom she had accidentally kissed a week back. She hadn’t been able to forget her first kiss with him. It had been going on and on in her head ever since that fateful night.Lucas! What was he doing here? She walked towards his bedside and stood looking at him with disbelief. “Do you know him?” asked nurse Daisy curiously. “No, no, I just saw him at the club where I was celebrating my birthday,” said Sienna. “Oh! He’s Lucas Donne
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Chapter Four - Exclusively His?
Sienna stood listening to nurse Gina Harvey, who was the CNO (Chief Nursing Officer), and their Supervisor at Bellevue. After Lucas had summoned her, she had come rushing to his room while Sienna trembled in one corner not knowing what to do. If he complained once about her, she would lose her job. However, thankfully Lucas hadn’t said a word against her. He only demanded that Sienna should be allocated exclusively to him, as his caregiver.“Ms. Hensley is just an intern, Mr. Donnelly. I’ll arrange for a more experienced nurse for you. We have the best here,” said nurse Harvey to please him more. Sienna prayed that he agreed to nurse Harvey. She wouldn’t be able to stay 24/7 with him! She would go insane! “I don’t want anyone else. I want only Sienna Hensley as my nurse else I’ll refuse all treatment at your
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Chapter Five - Roman's Threat
“Who are you? Where’s Sienna?” Growled a furious Lucas. Nurse Susanna looked at the furious man and massaged her temples. She wondered how the poor intern handled this raging bull! “Sienna has gone home. Her duty ends at 6 o’clock, Mr. Donnelly,” she informed him. “I’m on night duty here,” she added.“Summon nurse Harvey immediately. I thought I specifically told her that I want Sienna exclusively and no one else,” he continued, feeling more upset than ever. How could Sienna go home without informing him?The door opened and his family came over to visit him. Lucas groaned seeing his mom, granny and Marcus come into the room. They might have heard him yelling from down the corridor! “What’s wrong, Lucas? You seem upset with something
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Chapter Six - Lucas's Absurd Demand
It was morning and a stressed Sienna drove to the hospital to face Lucas again. The whole night she tossed and turned unable to sleep. Thoughts of Roman and his threats kept her awake. It was easier said than done. She knew that if she declined him, he would get them evicted without another warning. They would be stranded and the only place left would be to go back to Sienna’s parents' house. Roman knew how lonely she felt there. This was a ploy to get her to bow down to his wishes. He knew how the walls caved in on her there, the memories haunted her, made her feel claustrophobic. Added to that was the fact that Roman's house next door would literally have him staying over with them! And he would brainwash her day and night to move in with him and marry him as soon as possible. No, it would be the worst punishment possible! Was there any way out of this mess? If only her dad had consulted her before committing her life and future to Roman! 
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Chapter Seven - Lucas Finds Out About Roman!
Sienna hurried back to Lucas’s room with a frown on her face. She knew what consequences Roman was talking about. The question was when he would punish them. Would it be today or tomorrow?“What’s the matter? Boyfriend problems?” Asked Lucas curiously. He just realized that apart from the kiss that they had shared, he didn’t know anything about her. Did she have a boyfriend? A beautiful woman like her would have many admirers,  he couldn’t be the only one! The thought made his blood boil. He wanted to be the only one! He wanted to be the only one who kissed her, the only one who touched her. His whole body tingled at that thought. He took a deep breath to push those sinful thoughts away. ‘Not now, Lucas!’ he chided himself. To his immense surprise, Sienna nodded without even attempting to answe
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Chapter Eight - Moving Into Lucas's House
The next morning, Sienna was ready with her luggage. She loaded hers onto her car while Alyssa took Eva’s stuff with her to her apartment. After duty, Eva would directly go there. Strangely Alex hadn’t appeared although he had promised and Eva looked a little disappointed. “Don’t worry, he’ll be waiting for you at Alyssa’s apartment. Mark my words,” giggled Sienna. Eva rolled her eyes at her but couldn’t control the blush that gave her away. “Shut up and go and handle the hot Donnelly. Call me to update,” said Eva, and Sienna stuck her tongue out at her. Both friends parted ways and Sienna drove to the hospital nervously not knowing what lay ahead for her! ‘I’ll be very professional with him!’ chanted Sienna in her head all the way.Upon reaching the nurse’s stati
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