Chapter 1638 Treat Me Better

As soon as it was time to clock out, Jin Fengchen arrived at the planning department on time.

"Hello, Mr. Chairman."

"Hello, Mr. Chairman."


He had just walked to the door of the planning department, and many employees who were ready to leave work were shocked. They hurriedly said hello to Jin Fengchen and went back to their jobs, pretending to work hard.

Jin Fengchen just nodded flatly and strode over to the deputy manager's office.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw the person he was looking for sitting behind her desk, working hard.

He chuckled. "Didn't you say we'll go home together after work? Manager Jiang."

After hearing the sound, Jiang Sese looked up and saw Jin Fengchen looking at herself gently. She could not help but laugh. "Wait for me for a while, it will be ready soon!"

She quickly finished up her remaining work, took her bag, walked to Jin Fengchen and smiled sweetly. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Chairman Jin."

Jin Fengchen said with a smile, "How are y
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