Chapter 296 Are You Telling Me Off?

Stepping into Jin Fengchen's own villa after nearly three months, Jiang Sese was overwhelmed with emotions.

Standing in the living room, Jiang Sese looked around. Nothing had changed, but at the same time, everything seemed to have changed.

It was a feeling she couldn't pinpoint.

"Madam." The steward went up to her.

Jiang Sese's eyebrows twitched when she heard the "madam" and she turned in the steward's direction. "Yes?"

She didn't ask the steward to address her differently, but readily accepted that title.

"The young master has left instructions that you should take some good rest. If you need anything, just let us know. We'll get it done for you."

"I see."

Jiang Sese nodded with a smile.

Actually, she was already fully recovered, but Jin Fengchen was still concerned and worried that she might need more time to recover.

Jiang Sese feared that if she kept taking rests like this, she would turn into a pig!


It was yet time to get off work, but Jin Fengchen was already pu
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Nnamoko Eloo
I think this story will be up to 500 chapters or more ... imagine

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