Chapter 301 You Deserve a Fate Worse Than Death

In the hospital...

After two days, Jiang Nuannuan had slowly begun to accept reality, but she would still burst into tears and throw tantrums at Lan Sichen over the slightest thing.

"If only you had completely severed ties with that woman, then this child would have still been here! This is all your fault!"

She had been fine just a second ago, but for some reason, Jiang Nuannuan flew into a rage all of a sudden. She glared at Lan Sichen, her menacing gaze overflowing with hatred.

Lan Sichen had been tortured both emotionally and physically for the past two days. With the loss of their child, he too was torn and heartbroken.

He also knew how painful it was for her, but that was not the reason behind her attacks.

Moreover, there was nothing going on between him and Jiang Sese at all. Everything had merely been a figment of her imagination.

"I see that you're still pretty upset. Have a good rest, I'll be back in the afternoon."

Lan Sichen had no desire to argue with her and turned
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Nat nat
Why does the jiang family not realize that they are the cause of there own dis fall especially mother and daughter

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