Chapter 989 Visit The Jin Family

Jiang Sese understood what she meant. She put her arms around her, leaned her head on her shoulder, and said playfully, “Youngest Aunty loves me the most.”

Shang Ying laughed. “Yes, I love you the most.”

Because she treated Sese as her own daughter, she valued ​​Sese husband's family’s opinion so much and did not want to embarrass Sese.

Nevertheless, Shang Ying’s worries were unfounded.

As soon as they arrived at the Jin house, Master Jin and Madam Jin greeted them enthusiastically.

“Welcome, Sese’s Uncle and Aunt.”

Fang Teng and Shang Ying looked at the smiling Master Jin and Madam Jin before them and could not help but freeze for a moment. They thought that the other party would be more solemn.

They did not expect them to be so enthusiastic and pleasant.

“Youngest Uncle and Aunty, this is my father in-law and mother-in-law,” introduced Jiang Sese.

Fang Teng and Shang Ying were jolted back to reality by her voice and shook hands with them quickly. “Hello, nice to meet you.”

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