After 24 Hours

After 24 Hours

By:  kaiz  Ongoing
Language: English
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There was a man who was very unlucky in his childhood until he grew up. He had to experience so many bad obstacles in his life that everything he does has it flawed. The reason for him to lose everything he’ve got. His only luck that was in him he thought was - he’s born to be a very handsome man. Until one day, he dreamed that everything he does will became true. Will he be able to control his destiny?

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Julia Nora
waiting for more chapters!! i am wondering, do you have any social media to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-17 11:21:23
22 Chapters
In life there are so many events that sometimes there are only two options we need to choose from. We either choose from Yes or No, Positive or Negative, Hate or Love , Morning or Night, Bad or Good. And that choice we have to choose will always have it's own consequences. The world is equal but it is up to you to decide your own fate. Sometimes your chosen fate would be a lucky one or yet an unlucky one. There it goes with the story of a young man he thought he was born a jinx. That everything he does good will turn out to have a bad result in the end. He remembers when his mommy (Auntie Betty) told her how he was born... His parents lived a simple life. A simple two storey house they are staying at and a very wide surroundings. His mother loves to plant a wild plants on their backyard. It fascinates her a lot especially when she waters them in the morning and afternoon. His parents waited for a long time for his arriva
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And It Started
Henry reaches their house, he move quickly and locked their doors that he left earlier. He suddenly thought of getting something inside their room, so he went inside their room and got that thing. It was been hidden inside their cabinet and when he reaches for it, he grip on it so tight and then hurriedly walk away outside their room while smiling. "I need to go back there immediately." He exclaimed as he was rushing into going back to his car. Emma smiled while in pain when she heard the loud cry of his son while they were holding him. "Waah! Wahh! Wah!" The only sound you can hear at the delivery room. One raging rainy night a bouncing and very handsome boy was born. At their house.. At the same time as his son was crying in the hospital was also his sudden fell down from the stairs and he was being hit on the sharp portion of their sta
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Felix was born into the world but immediately became an orphan. Sixteen Years Later (at the present time)... Felix just woke up and stunned while looking at nowhere. He was always like that everytime he wakes up in the morning. He was always looking at nowhere like he is day dreaming of something. It's either good or bad day dreaming. He was in that state when a slipper suddenly flew in his face. "Ouch!" He grabbed his cheeks that was been hit by a slipper. "Hey! You are amazed there for nothing! Get up and help your mother in the kitchen!" His Uncle Simon shouted as he was suddenly appeared in front of him and was also the one who threw the slipper at his face. "Okay I'm  coming!" Felix responded to him as he was still sitting on the edge of his bed. "Make it quick!" His Uncle Simon shouted once more. And then walk his way out to his room. 
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They were all eating their breakfast when his father ask something. "You will be graduating this year. What are you planning to do?" He asked while he was looking at Felix. Felix stop eating and look at his father. He was stunned again while staring at his father for so long. His father even wave his hand in front of him, his eyes blink and yet he still didn't notice his father. So his father reach for a fly swat and about to hit him but he suddenly talk. "What is it father?" Felix ask as if he didn't understand what his father was asking. "I am asking what is your plan after your graduation?" His father was looking at him waiting for his answer. "I am going to find a job immediately." Responded by Felix as if he was been so sure that he will find a job immediately. "What sort of job are we talking about here?" His father continue asking while he takes a food
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Birthday Disaster
Simon can't seem to understand what is happening to him. He was tired. Been walking his way to their home since he gotten no cab to give him a lift. And he didn't even bother to go to the towing company and ask about his car. He felt sadden and yet mad at the same time. All the things he have done with their life was slowly falling apart. It started with his company that has been taken away from them. He felt devastated knowing he didn't got the chance to take it back since he doesn't know how to do so. Betty who was carrying Felix (who was a year older now) while staring at his devastating look of his husband can't help himself but to felt sad. She step closer to him and sit beside him. Then wanted to let him carry Felix but he avoided it using his hand. "Take that away from me." He exclaimed as if Felix was only a thing for him. Betty was a little bit shock and very sad with what his husband's reac
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Business Failure
And yes that was what really happened when they celebrated his first birthday. Now looking at them while Betty was carrying him in her arms made him realize that whatever happened to them was just a coincidence and never had he bear in his mind that it was the child's fault at all. Those unlucky days maybe just one of their disastrous things that happen unexpectedly. He stands up and try to get closer to Betty and Felix to say sorry but Betty pulled Felix away from him. "He is not a THING honey, he is our SON." Betty exclaimed while she was hugging Felix. "Yes I know honey and I am sorry about my attitude just now." Simon trying to comfort Betty with his begging look on his face. "I-I am so sorry honey I-It's just that I had a bad day." Simon continues while trying to please Betty. "But that doesn't mean you need to blame it to him." Pointing out her lips to
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Unlikable Years
Felix ages from a toddler to a young boy. He grew up to become more and more handsome that some girls are even wanted his attention a LOT. But at his nursery-kindergarten years Felix had gotten some unlucky days of his lives that he never got a chance to avoid it. And Oh- unlucky days too with the people surrounding him. And got even worsen year every year. There was a time that he was going to school with her mother Betty because her mother wanted to be with him all time instead of letting him rode on a school bus. Her mother Betty had a minor accident while they were walking their way to his school, she suddenly heat a vendor on their way when she isn't looking at her way in front. She were talking on someone over the phone when Felix pulled her so they could walk on the pedestal to the other road. Because Betty didn't avoid Felix pulling her, she bumped into a vendor who were riding in his tiny ve
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Miserable Level
Felix reaches third grade that needed to experience those worst experiences on his lower grade level. And nevertheless, on his previous years. He tries to plan that this year will be quiet smooth. But there will always be an unfortunate events that he still can't avoid. Like on his third grade of the year it was not quiet expected since it turns out to be smooth on the rest of the month.  But then a sudden circumstances turn his year to be more of a miserable one when he was suddenly felt he needed to go to the comfort room. "Ahhh! This is not so good." Felix exclaimed as he was holding his tummy. He was about to poop and he can no longer stop it from coming out. He run straight to the comfort room without his teacher's consent because he can no longer bear it. When he reaches the comfort room, he saw a long queue. And that makes him more frustrated. He was at the last line of the queue and he w
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The Pervert
Akisha was swaying her body in a sexy way while walking her way straight to Felix's table. As Felix thought. Felix was a little bit shy but still giving a smile on his lips while she saw Akisha walking her way directly to his table. When Akisha reaches his table, she suddenly stop to the corner of the table. "Hi!" Akisha speaks up. Felix was looking down on his table because he was shy. But he can still takes a glance to the legs of Akisha on the corner of his table. And when he heard Akisha speaks up. He suddenly lifted his head and was about to say a word. But to his dismay Akisha was talking not to him but to the other table next to Felix's table. "Hi—" Felix didn't even continue saying a word when he saw Akisha continue walking his way next to the table beside him. He just glance at her while she was at the next table and sits in there. They were mu
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Empty Gas
In the meantime..(present time)They were all done eating their breakfast and Simon stand up first in his chair and walk his way to the living room. Felix help his mother Betty put away those that they had used in the table. He puts it all in the sink while his mother were fixing the table and keeping the left over food and put it in their fridge. "Let me mom—" Felix speaks wanted to do the dishes of himself to let his mother take a rest. "No, it's okay. You have a class to go to. Just go and take a shower." Betty reprimand him from washing the dishes and she continue washing the plates. "It's still too early mom, I can still help—-". Felix argue with his mother Betty but he didn't finish what he was about to say when he heard his father Simon scream. "Felix!" Simon scream when he saw the room of Felix that it was so messy and he can see it from the living room
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