After the divorce, she became a female billionaire

After the divorce, she became a female billionaire

By:  Rancho Nguyen  Updated just now
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In everyone's eyes, Bertha and Derek had the wrong marriage. Married for three years, Bertha thought she would melt Derek's icy heart but she was wrong. Derek's heart only goes out to Laura - his ex-girlfriend. Derek treats Bertha poorly. One day, she saw her husband having an affair with Laura. Unable to continue anymore, she decided to divorce Derek. She will not waste her youth on a heartless man, someone who has trampled on her heart many times. After the divorce, Bertha returned to her parents' home, becoming the heir to the fortune left by her parents. No one knows her true identity. A life like a queen awaits her. As for Derek, he thought that after the divorce Bertha's life would be miserable until one day, he found Bertha and said. “I want to remarry with you. What are conditions?" Hearing Derek's words, Bertha just smirked, looking at him with disdain.

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Katy Pops
Love the story ...
2024-05-12 12:14:17
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Delinda Schumacher
136 chapters 3-25-24 249 chapters 5-10-24
2024-05-10 22:29:11
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Cencia Eleccion
it's nice story love to read thid
2024-04-05 15:52:36
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This book is great it has me hooked when am at work I can’t wait to get home to read great job!
2024-04-03 10:15:35
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Delinda Schumacher
136 chapters 3-25-24
2024-03-26 10:36:53
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Riafe Osico
very nice story
2024-03-17 05:34:34
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Christine Owings
44 chapters 2/17/24
2024-02-18 08:59:08
308 Chapters
Chapter 1
Today is Bertha's husband Derek's birthday - she has gone shopping and will organize a surprise party for him, in the hope, he will understand her sincere feelings.When Bertha entered the living room, she saw no one. She went to the kitchen and asked a maid where her husband was. But, the maid just smirked at her.Bertha was used to the times when she asked but no one answered. Because all of Tibble's family's maids don't care about her.Bertha went to their bedroom. Nearing the door, she suddenly heard a vague sound coming from inside. She thought she heard wrong but no, the sound was quite clear.Frowning, Bertha slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. She was behind the door so she couldn't see if Derek was in there or not, but when she faced the bed, she froze on the spot.Bertha didn't know if she was in reality or just dreaming, but she saw her husband in bed with another girl. They weren't wearing anything, what was covering their bodies was the blanket she used t
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Chapter 2
Bertha woke up the next afternoon. Windy is sitting in a chair, working on her computer. When Windy saw that Bertha was awake, he closed the computer and placed it on the table. Windy sat on the edge of the bed and said. "Fever, injured legs and knees. All caused by people from Tibble's family, right?" Bertha pressed her hand to her temple, remembering what happened yesterday. "Bertha, what's so good about Derek, why do you love him despite your injury? I called him and said you were at the hospital. I told him to come here but he didn't answer but also disconnected my call." Windy was angry when he thought of Derek, that man was a beast in a human shell. Bertha still said nothing. She sat still on the bed, crying non-stop. She didn't cry because she was beaten or injured, she cried because the person she called her husband was so cruel. Hearing Windy's words, she cried even harder. "I warned you. Derek isn't as good as you think." Windy said. But Bertha didn't listen to Windy, a
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Chapter 3
Bertha walked out of the building, stopping for a minute to look at the blue sky. She felt inexplicably relieved in her heart.She walked over to Windy's car and got in. Seeing Windy attentively typing on her phone, she sat down silently."Are you done?" Windy turned off her phone, she looked at Bertha expectantly."Everything is over." Having finished speaking, Bertha tilted her head and looked out the car window. Looking at the leaves on the road gradually turning yellow, she continued. "Windy, tomorrow morning, he and I will go to court."Windy's hand holding the steering wheel trembled slightly. She tilted her head and glanced at Bertha. Her eyes lit up and she spoke. "I'm glad you finally thought it through. Let's go home. I told your problem to your father and stepmother. They were very worried about you, and at the same time they were relieved to know that you decided to divorce."Bertha's sad expression flashed across her face. She knew she had disappointed her father. At that
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Chapter 4
Mrs. Victoria was happy when her son divorced Bertha. She thought that Bertha didn't know her status, like an orphan, how could she be suitable for her outstanding son.Derek pursed his lips, his mood a complete contrast to his mother's excitement.He even felt a little uncomfortable and had an inexplicable sense of guilt.Previously, he thought that Bertha would not easily agree to a divorce, so he prepared three million dollars and a villa as compensation, but this time she was the one who proactively proposed a divorce. kiss, she doesn't even need a penny in compensation.After the divorce, she will become a person with no money and no relatives. How will she live in the future?Derek assumed she was an orphan because she never mentioned her relatives.He sadly pulled his tie, and Bertha's eyes appeared before him before leaving.Those eyes were cold as ice.Many times he treated her poorly, but she still gritted her teeth and endured it. But this time... why is she so determined t
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Chapter 5
The whole building exploded.First: a woman suspected of being CEO Venn's lover.Second: a mysterious CEO will appearPeople are excitedly speculating, are this new CEO and CEO Venn's lover the same person?However, they all did not know that they had changed bosses.Bertha hides her identity.One: because she had never managed the backstage of the entertainment industry and didn't understand the work process, she needed Venn to help her get through it.Second: she doesn't understand the company's employees, so she has to silently hide among the employees, becoming everyone's colleague, to help her quickly understand the employees' situation.At this time, everyone was still talking. Alex went to see Kayla - the receptionist, who despised Bertha, said coldly. "You're fired, pack your things and get out.""What?"Kayla was stunned, she felt like she was thrown into hell.It's over, she lost her job. Who did she piss off anyway?Seeming to think of something, her tear-stained face immed
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Chapter 6
Rose immediately walked towards Bertha. Laura pretended to stop him but couldn't. Then, Rose arrogantly raised her face and cleared her throat."Hey."Venn turned his head, that handsome face momentarily made Rose stunned.Does City X have a man as handsome as her brother?In an instant, Rose's jealousy and anger towards Bertha became even greater.“Who are you?” Venn coldly glanced at her.Bertha smiled, whispering in his ear. "She is my ex-sister-in-law, the most arrogant and stubborn person in the Tibble family."Hearing Bertha's words, Venn's expression became even colder.Although Bertha spoke softly, Rose heard it very clearly, the intimate action between the two of them stimulated her nerves even more.Because Venn was in front of her, Rose retracted the fierceness on her face, she showed an admonishing look, and her voice deliberately became sharp.“Don't let this woman deceive you, she was already married. Furthermore, she comes from a lowly background, has a cruel heart, she
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Chapter 7
It turns out his ex-wife is really that beautiful.Especially the eyes, like containing stars, transparent and steadfast, but also hiding a bit of stubbornness.Derek suddenly looked dumbfounded.These eyes gave him the illusion of knowing each other.While Derek was stunned, Bertha suddenly laughed, her eyes filled with coldness and contempt. “It's so embarrassing, you're not qualified to dance with me.” Then, she elegantly adjusted her outfit.Other people passing by, hearing Bertha's words, whispered to each other."This girl is too arrogant. She dares to tell City X's number one CEO Derek that he is not qualified?"Derek's face quickly turned dark, the familiar feeling from before was completely thrown to hell by Bertha's words.If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that Bertha would turn out like this.His hand still outstretched, he replied. “It's just a dance, aren't you scared?”Bertha's gaze also became cold. Why is this man so vile? He didn't unde
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Chapter 8
Receiving the confirmation message, Bertha leisurely sat down on the stone pedestal next to the fountain. Rose saw Bertha ignoring her and was a little angry. “Hey. Did you hear what I said?” Bertha lazily rubbed her shoulders. "Wait a minute." "Wait?" Rose frowned. "What are you waiting for? I know you have Venn now, but he's just playing with you. You think that men are handsome, have a lot of money, and have good family like Venn. Will agree to marry me? While she was still seducing, Alex arrived, carrying a black trunk in his hand, bowing respectfully to hand it to Bertha. “This is what you want.” Rose looked at the strange man who suddenly appeared, her face immediately turned confused. Bertha stood up and accepted the chest that Alex brought, the second time she looked towards Rose, her eyes flashed coldly, and her mouth curled into a smile. “You talked so much just now, now it's my turn to talk.” Rose looked at Vertha's smile, her face became even more confused. Berth
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Chapter 9
She was about to leave but was stopped by Rose's close friends. "Stop. You hit someone and then want to run away? There's no such thing as that simple." "If you don't explain today, you should never step out of this door." Bertha looked at the girls contemptuously. She was about to return when she saw Venn push the crowd away and come in front of her. The other girls' eyes lit up when they saw Venn, adding fuel to the fire. “Venn, this time you saw it, this woman is extremely cruel, bad, and bad.” "That's right, Venn, you must get justice for Rose. Also, how is this kind of woman suitable for someone like you?" Venn's face showed no emotion, he slowly took off his jacket. The girls watched in fascination as Venn gently put the shirt on Bertha's body, his eyes still as doting as before. "It's late at night, don't catch a cold." The sounds that were unfriendly to Bertha suddenly stopped. The girls looked jealous, wishing they could kill Bertha with their eyes. Venn paid them
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Chapter 10
Derek's face darkened, he looked at her with disappointment, his eyes filled with anger. “You are stubborn.” He pulled Rose's hand from his sleeve and gave an order. "Starting from today, you are forbidden to go out. Without my permission, you are not allowed to go anywhere. Please reflect on your mistakes." After speaking, he pulled Laura away. Rose still wanted to chase, but Cadell held her back, she could only cry bitterly and beg for forgiveness. Finally, she was forced to return home. She was so angry that she went crazy. As soon as she returned, she started breaking things to vent her anger, the entire room was a mess. Mrs. Victoria was awakened by the violent noise and ran to her daughter's room. “Girl, what's wrong? Aren't you going to the party? Why are you so angry?” "Mom..." Rose burst into tears and rushed into Mrs. Victoria's arms, adding a lot to the story of tonight's party and told Mrs. Victoria. “Mom, you have to help me. Brother is not fair. Not only did he
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