Chapter 8

Alpha Killian's P.O.V

Without a word I followed Claire's parents to their home. I was thankful for the silence, even though him and her mother continuously exchanged nervous glances. I sat Claire's unconscious body in the passenger seat and buckled her in, making sure my skin hadn't come in contact with her own. The drive to her modest and aging home was short, which gave me some time to think. 

I couldn't help but steal a glance or two at her peaceful face. For the short time I had known her, I had only seen three expressions on her innocent face. Frightened, embarrassed, and frustrated. Watching her sleeping face, you could truly see her innocence shine through. I took a mental image of the peace on her angelic face, as I knew her innocence would not last long in the Blood Moon Pack. I almost felt sad at the thought of my little mate suffering the Blood Moon Pack, but I quickly set myself straight, expelling all emotion for this little creature

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Pamela Duke
I want to finish it. I like it
goodnovel comment avatar
wow. her mother forced her to go to the moon ball knowing she didn't want to find a mate and now she's telling her to kill herself? someone get this lady her mother of year award.
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Sherry Patterson Fetner
love it so far

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