Chapter 9

*Disclaimer - Some Mature Content is present in this Chapter.*

I spent the rest of my day in the living room with a solemn looking Hazel, a brooding Brandon, and frightened Amber and Derek. Even Sabrina spent some time with us, leaving only to go meet up with her newly found mate. I was surprised to hear the news, Sabrina's mate was the beta in a neighboring pack. I couldn't help but feel happy for my little sister. Finding a mate was everything she ever wanted and it relieved me to hear how kind and loving her mate was. I listened with a smile on my anxious face as she told me all about how smitten he was with her within the first thirty seconds of them meeting. While my future may be unclear, it calmed me to know that my brother and sister were well taken care of. 

I couldn't keep the smile from my face as Hazel told me all about her mate, Garrett. I could tell as she spoke of him, how she already seemed to miss his presence. One glance at Brand

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I mean...he could have at least carried her luggage
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wow that was intense.... loving it .
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Velida Kladanjcic
it cost too much

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