Alphas of Blackmoon

Alphas of Blackmoon

Oleh:  Tracy Tauro  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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#BDSM #Drama #Weaktostrong #StrongLuna Leia Agnor's world was shattered at ten when she and her ex-Beta father were forced to flee their home. Settling into Bluewood Pack, Leia was the only member who couldn't shift into her wolf form, becoming a constant target for ridicule. Her sole purpose was to care for her sick father and dream of escape. However, Leia's hope for a better future was snatched away when her father passed just before her eighteenth birthday. To make matters worse, her Alpha mate, Francis, chose his pregnant girlfriend over her, leaving her heartbroken and alone. Leia's only choice was to leave the Pack and try to fit into the human world. But fate had other plans for her as she encounters her stepbrothers, Alpha Xavier and Alpha Kai, leaders of the Black Moon Pack. Both of them sense Leia as their mate, which means she must confront not one, but two potential mates. As the unknown threat of their past begins to resurface, Leia must find the courage to face her fears and accept her destiny. Will she be able to embrace her true form and rise to the challenges ahead, or will she succumb to the overwhelming pressure?

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Rejected & Broken
Leia - POVTears rolled down my cheeks as I placed the flower on my father's grave during his burial, and I couldn't speak. The heavy rain only added to the pain as I sat beside his gravestone. It's hard to say how long I stayed there, but when I finally saw the night sky, I tried to stand up and head home, my legs numb from the cold and the grief."Leia!" Rovina exclaimed as she approached me, concern etched on her face. "What happened?" she asked, taking my drenched and muddy clothes."You got back from a field trip," I asked in a stutter, shivering from the chilly wind and the dampness of my clothes."I heard about Uncle Nas passing away today, so I came to check on you," Rovina said, taking the key from my trembling hands to open the door. I followed her inside, and she entered my room to get a towel and help me dry off."How about you freshening up while I make some soup for you?" She suggested it, and I nodded numbly, grateful for her help. I took a hot shower and changed into d
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Storms are back
Leia - POV"Sorry, miss," a man said, extending his hand to help me up. He looked more like a supernatural being than a human, and I sensed the wolf in him. As he picked up the scattered papers, I noticed he looked like the Beta from the Pack."You're the Beta," I said, but he paused and gave me a cold stare."What?" he said, feigning confusion. I knew he had to take me for a human, not a wolf."Nevermind," I said, realizing my mistake. He gave me a skeptical look but handed back my documents. "Were you here for an interview, miss?" he asked in a low voice."How did you know that?" I asked, surprised."You have a resume, and you're taking it with you. So how did it go?" he asked, but I knew this guy was interrogating me to figure out why I called him Beta. I cursed myself for not being able to control my tongue."I didn't get a chance to interview. I don't think I should go inside for an interview; I am not qualified," I said, trying to leave, but he blocked my path."Excuse me, but I
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Breach of faith
Leia - POV"When does the meeting start?" Mr. Kai asked."In five minutes," I replied promptly, breaking Mr. Xavier's stern expression. "Why don't you leave the room until we need to speak with Vincent?" Mr.Kai added. Fear lingered as I stepped outside, but I kept a close ear to what they discussed. Both CEOs only spoke about business and avoided any personal matters.The meeting about the companies' merger was chaotic, and the negotiations continued. My headache persisted throughout the meeting, and I felt anxious, triggering my migraine. It was hard to keep myself focused. I frequently noticed that Mr. Kai and Mr. Xavier gazed at me with stern faces. I tried not to be intimidated by their stares. At the end of the meeting, Vincent gave me a sympathetic look, and we went to get some coffee."You looked like a scaredy-cat in the meeting, Leia. Next time, handle the meeting like a roaring lioness," Vincent joked, trying to lighten the mood. I rolled my eyes at his attempt, and he sigh
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Luna Sia
Leia - POVI opened my eyes to find myself lying on a soft bed, taking in my surroundings. I realized I was in my bedroom, staring at the same clothes I had worn the previous night. As I got up, I walked over to the wooden box, hoping to find the object from last night, but it was nowhere to be found. I searched every corner of the storage room where I kept my dad's belongings, but it was all in vain."Was I dreaming?" I asked myself as I hugged myself, trying to shake off the fear that had crept in. I checked the time and realized I had enough time to prepare for work."Maybe it was just a dream," I muttered while getting ready, but my heart and mind felt otherwise. I couldn't find evidence to prove last night's events were real. I felt like I was losing my mind again.During the cab ride to work, I couldn't stop thinking about Daisy and Vincent betraying me like that. I tried to convince myself they wouldn't do that, but fear and suspicion lingered. I reached the office before time
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Luna Sia - POVI wanted to answer Leia's question, but the memory of the past made me hesitate. My sons had warned me not to reveal the truth to her, as it could trigger the curse and weaken her."I'm sorry, Sia. It came out wrong," Leia apologized quickly. Seeing her concerned face reminded me of her mother, Jia, who always had a soft side."No worries, dear. How about you taking me to the shop? I'm not familiar with this place," I suggested, knowing it was a lie. I wanted to spend time with Leia after all the misunderstandings that led to Nas and Leia's exile from our pack. I regretted that I couldn't stop my mate Reo's decision.I'm sorry, Jia; because of my ignorance, your daughter and your husband suffered so much.Leia walked me to a fancy boutique, and I asked her to help me select a suitable gown. It reminded me of Leia's childhood, when she sobbed because she was a lonely child and didn't have a brother or sister. That's when my little boys promised Leia that she would always
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Curse & Blackmoon Pack
Leia - POV I had taken sick leave from work and was pacing back and forth, feeling on edge after receiving Sia's letter. I knew going to the office in this state would not help, and it could raise suspicions about my unusual behavior, causing Vincent to suspect and force me to reveal what was bothering me. I assumed Sia didn't want her sons to know about our meeting and preferred speaking with me privately. I checked the clock like a lunatic, and all the questions seemed crazy. After showering and dressing up, I left my suffocating apartment. My nerves calmed down after taking a sip of warm coffee and a bite of the bagel. As I sat in the café, I watched people hurrying to get to work. It reminded me that I had been doing the same thing for five and a half years with no time to relax, which was hard for me as a workaholic. I opened my laptop and scrolled through my social media, finding Alpha Francis and his wife Leena's family photos, which looked happy. It brought back memories of
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Stepbrother Girlfriends
Leia - POVKai's angry grunt silenced the gossiping she-wolves, who cowered in fear. Xavier approached me, glaring at the offenders. Vincent, who was following the Alphas, chimed in."Vincent, dismiss this battalion from their post for disrespecting Leia," Xavier said bitterly."Alpha, forgive us; we need the job," the she-wolves pleaded."You should ask forgiveness from Leia, not us," Kai ordered, causing the mocking she-wolves to feel remorse for their actions."We apologize, Ms. Leia; we said those words and hurt you. Please forgive us and spare us this time," the she-wolves begged in unison, bowing their heads in apology. I was used to being picked on and looked down upon, so I didn't know how to react."Leia, are you alright?" Daisy asked, noticing my body shiver. I had endured the mockery and shaming of being wolfless in the Blue Wood pack. I felt the weight of Kai and Xavier's gaze on me, unsure how to comfort me."Take them away from here," Xavier ordered, and Vincent followed
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Temporary Attraction or Mate bond
Alpha - Xavier - POVLeia strolled into her room alongside Daisy, and Ana's hand remained on my arm, but I gently untangled her grip. Ana looked at me, perplexed. "Xav, something seems to bother you. Is everything okay?" she asked."I'm sorry, Ana. I need to attend to some work urgently. Can we reschedule our date night for another time?" I murmured."Ana and Caroline, we apologize for canceling our date night due to a heavy workload," Kai responded."Honey, we haven't seen each other for months, and you want to cancel our date night? That's not right!" Caroline grumbled."I agree with Caroline. I've been away from the Pack for months on business, and I understand that pack affairs come first, but keep in mind that we will be engaged soon." Ana added."Ladies, let's cut the Alphas some slack this time." Ana and Caroline stopped whining after Mother spoke authoritatively. "I know my sons have agreed to marry you in exchange for your fathers' help in finding a cure for my illness and d
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Revenge & Night Club
Leia - POV "I've reviewed the documents and still have much more work to do than just analyzing three contracts before forwarding them to the CEO of another company," I remarked, feeling frustrated. "God! Women, do you only know work and nothing else?" Daisy said as she appeared in the doorway with fresh bagels and a coffee mug. I snatched them from her and unwrapped the bagel to enjoy the coffee. "Seriously, I got those for myself," Daisy spat, irritated. "You shouldn't have walked into my room with bagels and coffee if you didn't want them to be taken," I joked with a smile, and Daisy shook her head in amusement. "How long will you lock yourself in this room, Leia?" Daisy asked, taking a seat on my bed. I continued typing the email, avoiding her gaze. "My life is in danger, and they keep things from me. What do you think I should do? I'd rather work than go insane thinking about the mystery I'm surrounded by. There's no choice but to follow your boss's orders," I explained, ta
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Leia - POV"You're still the Blackmoon Pack, Alpha Francis," I taunted, and he responded with a cold gaze."Why are you so stubborn and arrogant?" Alpha Francis asked as he got out of his vehicle, and a sense of dread set in. The calm night had turned cold and eerie, and he stood so close that I could feel his breath on my neck."I don't understand why you're provoking me and making it sound like a mistake. You rejected me as your mate, and we have no business with each other," I said. I stood firm before Alpha Francis, but I felt fear creeping in."Can I tell you the truth?" I nodded, maintaining my composure, and his lips curled up."I don't think you can handle it. But I can tell you one thing, Leia. I will bring you to my Pack.""I'm not interested. I'm not a wolf, remember? You rejected this wolfless woman." His eyes betrayed guilt at the mention of the event. I had expected him to smirk at me with a mocking look."I will make sure you come back.""Good luck with that because I h
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