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Vladimir, a very rich Russian mafia who had a reputation for being brutal and ruthless with his dealings happened to meet up a girl in the club who was an orphan and the was new to the stripping business, been popularly known for being a brute and showing no remorse or affection, it was to the greatest surprise of everyone that the powerful mafia of all of Russia actually felt something for a nobody and she was about to become his blind spot

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Jahama H. O'Donohue
It is a good story
2021-06-02 10:15:08
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Payed to continue reading Blindspot 2 but the chapters from 6 on will not come up. Please refund my money or bring up continuing chapters
2021-05-27 03:04:49
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Loving it so far.
2021-05-27 01:30:39
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Love what I have read so far hoping to continue now.
2021-05-27 01:26:38
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Tea Med
Interesting... lets see how will continue
2021-06-06 06:39:20
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Vanilda Barbosa
português acho linda a história obrigada ............
2022-07-21 02:04:21
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Vladimir tall, dark hair and a complexion that had all the women drooling and dying to be in his bed. At the tender age of twenty, he took over as head of the Russian Mafia when his father was murdered. The following ten years he had built an empire, acquiring businesses and homes all around the world. He was cold, ruthless and some would say he had no heart. Vladimir was feared by everyone and if one dared to stare him straight in the eye they could face death. He moved to America a few years before his 30th birthday. He learned to speak English, Italian, French and Spanish. Even though he spoke them fluently he still had a thick Russian accent. His mother was Italian but died giving birth to him. So he was raised by his father who taught him to be tough, to fight, even to kill. His reputation was known all around the world and it got to the point where there wasn’t much need for acts of violence, it just took one look from him and people did as they were told. A lot of the p
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Placing her fingernail in her mouth she started chewing on it as she thought about his offer. Could she really sleep with a stranger just to give him a baby and then walk away, leaving her own child? But the alternative was far worse, here she would be used by all types of men for sex, beaten and God only knows what else. She glanced over at him, he was drop-dead gorgeous and had a body any woman would admire. Maybe having him as her first lover might not be so bad and with the money he was going to give her she could go so far away that he and her evil step-father would never find her. She could start a new life and someday meet a good man and have more children.“Times up, what is your decision?” he asked, getting to his feet.“If I do this will you promise me that you won’t hurt me?”He cupped her face in his hands. “I hurt people, but I have never laid a hand on a woman. My father, God rest his soul taught me that. You wil
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Moving further down he positioned his shoulders under her thighs and gazed at the beautiful, pink rose between her legs. With his head between her legs, he placed his tongue at her opening to taste her. She was so sweet, so tasty, so gratifying was her flavour he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her closer to his face. He buried his mouth in her delicious folds. He could feel her wetness soaking his lips which only made him more excited. He savoured her taste as his tongue moved inside her in a shallow rhythm. Pulling her plump, hard little clit into his mouth. He felt her squirming, heard her loud panting and moans when she let go and had what he knew was her first orgasm. She gripped the sheet with her fingers, his tongue was so hot, so wet as he teased her, tormenting her. There were no words to describe how she was feeling, just that it felt amazing and had her head tossing from side to side as she heard herself screaming. Then her body convulsed and she was left brea
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“It is my job,” she replied in a snotty tone.“Bepa, have you worked for Vladimir long?”“Many years.”“So you know him pretty well and know what he does for a living. Will you tell me?”Bepa laughed, but it was not a nice laugh, more like evil. “If you don’t know then you will soon find out. You’ll not hear it from me and if you’re smart you will keep your mouth shut and not ask questions, especially to Mr. Vladimir.”“Why don’t you like me? I know you don’t.”“You’re right, I do not like you. You don’t belong here and will cause him nothing but trouble. Go back where you come from, be the whore that you are and destroy someone else.”“I’m not a whore.”“You think not? You are here, sleeping in his bed and letting him fuck you. To me that makes you nothing but a cheap whore,&rdqu
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She was so happy hearing that she was getting away from this place and Bepa she would have agreed to anything. “I promise.”“Good, now go put on that red dress I bought you and when you are ready come downstairs.” He gives her a quick kiss. “Do not keep me waiting too long. I do not like waiting for anyone and I just might have to leave without you. You have forty minutes to get ready.” He smiled to himself when she practically ran to her closet. When she came down five minutes before her time was up Vladimir and Bepa were arguing in Russian. But when they saw her they stopped and the other woman walked away and disappeared into one of the rooms. As much as she wanted to know what they were fighting about she kept quiet, knowing he would only get mad if she started asking questions.His look of anger turned to one of pleasure when he saw Danica walking down the stairs. He was pleased that she listened to him and
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