Badboy And Our Wrong Love

Badboy And Our Wrong Love

By:  R.A Higheels  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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PHOEBE - Holy mother of craps! I had lost my virginity to the college’s bad boy, Asher Gilbert. And, he told me it meant nothing to him. He told me to get lost! ********* ASHER - All my life till now, no one had ever intimidated me. Not anyone. Not my dad, nor the school principal… Not those street gangs… lastly, not the mafia. But this strange girl— a Maserati shows up. Making me urge to brand her, as mine. ********** “Why are you like this to me?” “What do you mean?” “Why are you so dismissive but save me, every time I land in trouble?” He didn’t reply that. Instead, he sighed, crunching the plastic bottle in his hand. He threw it in anger to the other side of the room. Then he approached me. I took three steps back, timidly. His intimidating gaze dropped towards mine. He didn’t stop until the back of my head contacted the wall. Only then did his both hands angle at the sides of my head. My eyes immediately gorged at his hard-on. Flash backs of the night we had together immediately ran through my brain. The only thing I could think of was the way my mouth was wrapped around him. His Adam’s apple swallowed numerous times, making me wonder what he thought of. It was like one of those scenes of movies. Like he was in a battle with himself. But the question was, what was he so protective about? Why didn’t he like making conversations with females? “I’m never gonna change, Phoebe. Remember that,” ********* What is worse than drunken one-night-stand, with the college’s bad boy? Or a cold treatment thereafter? However, one pregnancy changes it all. In this love so wrong, can they ever make things right?

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R.A Higheels
Hi there, readers. Just want to apologize for the delay in the chapters. I promise to be more frequent till this book ends. Love from, R.A Higheels...️...
2021-08-17 23:40:56
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Virginia Peltier
Where's the rest of the book? 🤔 I was getting so excited 😁
2021-05-11 09:16:30
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Stephanie Mercer
iIt's getting interesting. can't wait for more chapters
2021-03-24 03:05:43
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2021-02-05 22:08:10
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Mind blowing and awesome read😊😊😊
2021-02-05 22:03:14
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Harry Smith
You sure won't regret reading 😉😉😉😉
2021-02-05 21:38:38
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Cynthia Baileys
2021-02-02 22:40:10
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Fechi Rynn
sounds fascinating!
2021-01-31 08:45:29
user avatar
R.A Higheels
Hi, lovlies!! Kindly leave a review for my book. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️
2021-01-21 03:28:23
56 Chapters
Episode 1 - Get Lost.
Phoebe’s PovWhitney and her minions!Oh, how much I hated them. They always found a reason to pick on me. Now, they had poured a bowl of the water from the lake on me. Therefore, my clothes were already the color of the lake. And, I stunk badly. Like a dead fish.
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Episode 2 - Galaxy's Closet
Phoebe’s Pov I couldn’t believe what I had just read. What was Cole up to? Getting Asher to attend the karaoke party was like a death mission embarked on. It was unfulfillable, you know.“What? Are you insane? This is never going to happen.” I expressed immediately, g
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Episode 3 - Dinner and Lucky Invites
 Phoebe’s Pov Nothing made sense.Nothing at all.How could Asher of all people save me? I mean he was the s
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Episode 4 - Drunk With Asher
      First off, if anyone had told me I’d be alone with Asher at my house, I’d have probably dismissed you and told you off for saying gibberish. But here was I, with Asher; the college’s heartthrob. Believe me, I had no idea of what to do, what to say or don’t do. I mean who did, knowing you were under the watchful eyes of your most beloved?
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Episode 5 - In My Bed With Him
 Asher stillhad me in his hands. His striking features were directed in mine all the time.My knees were growing weak from being in his hands and being drunk.In fact, Icouldn’t control myself. My eyesalmost gorged out when he put me down on the floor gently but forcefully. A partof me wanted him to punish me like he said. I hoped to feel what it’s be liketo be punished by the college’s heartthrob who was also my crush.I was on myknees, with his hands on my hair. I heard buckles of his belt loosening. Ididn’t g
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Episode 6 - Hangover With A Little Bit Of Replay
I woke up to a slightly disfigured room. Opening my eyes, I yawned loudly. It was then a throbbing headache welcomed me, making me almost yelp. My eyes darted to the bed, only to see it scattered and disarranged.The entire sheets were tangled and twisted. And for a reason, the pillows were not a pair this morning. One laid low on the floor, making me wonder how it got there. I was never much of a deep sleeper.I wriggled my brows when I saw my panties, twisted to a side of my ankle. This made me wonder what exactly had happened the night before.My head tried to remember, but the only thing that was coming in was the dream I had. It had been all about Asher you know. In the dream, he did lots of dirty things to me. We made out many times to the extent that a part of me had thought that it was real.As I moved to get up, my eyes landed on the clock beside the bed.“Shit no!” I exclaimed, with my eyes bolted at the fact that I might as well be
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Episode 7 - Why Is Cole An Asshole?
 There was an amazed expression on Cole’s face. His green eyes stared at me with so much shock. Chestnut hair still the same. But I couldn’t just miss the look on his face.“H-How’s this possible?” he asked me, even stuttering a bit.“Like you said, the other day, believe in the impossible.” I let out, reminding him of his words.“Logically… I know. It’s just that I know Asher Gilbert. I’ve seen the kind of rocky relationship that airs between you two. What I don’t understand how this even happened…” he trailed out.His chin looked clenched and his hands were fisted into balls. With a corner of my eye, I watched his movement that minute. My brows arched at him.I mean, was this something that deserved this much of anger from him?We exited the corridors of the school that second.Cole then did the usual. He got into the car his parents g
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Episode 8 - About Last Night
 Thinking things through with all that adrenaline rush, was something practically impossible. It was like my body did it’s freewill this very minute. But I didn’t blame it.If anything, we were in grave danger.And, there was no hell of a way I was calming down, until the impending danger was gotten rid of.As I got on Asher’s bike, there was one thing on my mind. It was a thought that I hoped he was really fast that we lost the wolf behind us! Thinking of something else? Off course it was just that.“Hold on still.” he ordered. If I didn’t listen well, I definitely would have had a hard time hearing. But I did listen well. Danger definitely could arouse many of one’s senses.Occasionally, I looked back to check on the black wolf. Through the corner of my eyes, I could see it approaching us. When it bared its teeth covered in saliva at us, I closed my eyes shut immediately. I also hoped Asher w
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Episode 9 - Drama Queen
 “That meant nothing to me. I’d forget it if I were you,”Those were the words I woke up to the next day. No matter how much I tried, they won’t leave. Even though, I wanted it too.I stood up angrily from my bed, stomping my feet to the bathroom. Breathing out puffs of air, I took my tooth brush and begun making annoyed paces, as I brushed my teeth.Flashbacks of him suddenly appeared into my head again. Thus, I grunted out, staring at the bathroom mirror with so much fury, growing in me.“Who do you think you are, Asher Gilbert?!” I asked to no one in particular.“Treating me like a piece of trash after the sensual night we had...” I trailed out.“Is that what it all meant to you, really?” I choked out, this time becoming so much sober. I didn’t even realize when my eyes became teary. Mum said I’ve always been so dramatic. Maybe this was what she did mean.
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Episode 10 - Geeks Like Us
 I held the piece of paper in my hand, while looking at Cole shockingly. I couldn’t believe that he just suggested that we ask Whitney’s sister to perform.I mean, of all things, why would he bring this up?“Wait really?” I asked him, with a shrunken nose.“Yup,” he answered.My brows cringed immediately. I wasn’t sure why he was doing this but I knew I would soon find out.“Are you being serious, right now?” I asked again.“Yeah, sure. It certainly would be better like that. Think about who won’t want to show up at our karaoke, after learning that she’d be performing?” he uttered, swaying his index fingers, like he had just won a jackpot.“It’s just like a ticket, to every student here,”I knew he had a point. The only thing was that his approach to things were a little outlandish at times.There was no soul in s
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