She is no such thing.




The door to Alfred’s room opened, revealing Prince Axel and Prince Aaron and his heart dropped at the sight of them, fear gripped him, as he stared at the cigarette in his hands and back at the people standing in the room, he knew Axel to be the loudest person, he doesn’t think w the secret he has kept as a secret for long will remain a secret the moment Axel steps out of his room.

Trying to compose himself, and also keep his shameful act abyss Axel smiled and walked in alongside prince Aaron.

“Hello, prince Alfred.”Axel acknowledges and walks into the room completely, while Aaron followed suit, Alfreds nods his head, still in fear.

“I'm sorry I had to walk in on you doing your thing, the thing is that I've been knocking and you seem not to be responding, I only thought of peeping into the room because prince Aaron wishes to see you before he leaves,” he explained himself with a smile on his face, those silence was sending A
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