4. Front Pages Of Magazines.

"Grandma, you know today we have lunch with the Parkers." Billina was sitting on her car and talking on the phone with her grandmother, while the driver took the car to the BB Corporations.

After a minute of silence, she spoke, "Do you have a doctor's appointment today?" she asked with a neutral expression on her face.

"Alright, I'll go with you." she nodded.

Ten minutes later, the car reached in front of a large building, painted in grey. BB was a multinational corporation and every person in the USA of out of it was aware of this company and Billina Bernand.

At a very small age, she just made her name as the ruthless businesswoman of America. She was all over the news and on the front pages of magazines like Forbes, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and many more.

And for the past two months, she was on the cover of Forbes with a title 'Billina Bernand, the billionaire beauty'.

Many bachelor young businessmen were after her but she was simply not interested.

Clara and Ron were waiting for their boss's arrival.

"Ma'am, Ritz Carlton is being booked for your lunch with the Parkers and I've invited them," Clara informed after she greeted her boss.

"After that....." as Ron was about to speak further Billina interrupted by saying, "Cancel the Smiths for today."

"Ma'am is there anything you want us to reschedule?" asked both of them.

"Yes, I will just meet the Parkers today and make an appointment for my grandmother with doctor Richards," she ordered walking in the president room and went through some files till the door on the knock distracted her.

"Come in," she shouted.

The door of the room pushed open and Patrick the manager came in.

"Grey...means you're too busy today." Patrick guessed by the colour of her suit.

"What is it?" she asked furrowing her brows.

"Are we free for a minute?'' he asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Patrick. Say.." she closed the files and looks at him immediately, noticing the change in his voice.

"The manager of Forbes invited you for an interview," he said carefully.

"When?" she asked leaning back on the chair.

"Today.." he mentioned carefully.

"And you confirmed them?" she slammed the hands on the table, angrily.

Patrick got startled and stood up immediately defending himself.

"Billina, I thought this might be a good chance for you. You know Forbes hardly invites a person for an interview.. So I...."

"And you don't even ask me.." she stood up walking back and forth.

The way she was yelling made the workers startled. There was a tension in the president room and Patrick was being scolded.

Now if he returns with the bad mood from boss's office, he will give the rest of them a hard time.

All the eyes were on the president room.

"You know I cancelled the meetings with Smiths just because I have to take grandma hospital for a checkup," she said with her brows knitted in frustration.

"Can't I go by myself?" there came a raspy voice, Billina turned around to look her grandmother walking in, like a boss.

"Grandma..." she quickly walked towards her and made her sit on a sofa.

When Jules was seated down, she looked up to her granddaughter and said, "You go to work. I can go by myself."

"But I..." Billina was interrupted by her again, "You know I always prefer work first."

"Work is not important than your health," Billina said.

"That's why I'm going hospital and you for an interview." her grandmother said.

She can be a bossy sometimes. Of course, the high-class attitude runs in the family.

"Alright.." Billina rolled her eyes, then went for lunch with Parkers. And after fifteen minutes, Jules walked out of the building - escorted by four bodyguards.

While she was walking by the stairs outside the building, she bumped into a man and was about to fall until the man quickly grabbed her arm.

"Ahh... thank you." Jules thanked the boy in front of her.

"My apologies, ma'am." he quickly said.

"Mrs Bernand, are you alright?" the bodyguards asked immediately.

"Yes, fine. Let's go." she nodded, then smiled at the boy and stepped in the car.

"Mrs Bernand? It means I'm at the right building.." Ashton mumbled to himself.

The lady seemed...old and noble. Could she be the boss of her empire? Billionaire Beauty?

No doubt the woman was beautiful even with loose and old skin. She must be really pretty in her younger days.

And the way she spoke... like some kind of royal person speaking.

Such luxury, walking with four bodyguards, followed by SUV.

This kind of life Ashton ever wished for.

He went into the building and walked at the reception.

"Hi. I am here for a job interview." he politely said to the receptionist.

"One second.." said the girl and pressed the intercom button.

A few minutes later, a girl in business attire came with a big tablet in her hand and a set of blue tooth device attached on her ear.

"Hi. Clara.." she saw Ashton and shook hands with him.

"Hi, Ashton George.." he replied smiling.

"Come on," she said and started walking, Ashton followed her and reached to the room where few seats were placed and people were sitting on it.

"Is that all?" Clara asked Ron and nodded.

"So, BB is hiring staff for an upcoming project which is very important for BB," Clara said to each one of them.

"And as a newcomer, you all have to put all of your efforts and give your 100%," said Ron.

"After the training, the selected person or people will be working directly with the boss," Clara said with splendid smile on her face.

"You all know what that means?" Ron asked.

All of them shook their hands.

"Idiots.." Clara mumbled rolling her eyes.

"BB Corporations in the first largest multinational firm in the USA. People working here have a lot of facilities and opportunities," she added

"Now you all have to be here by 9, every day. Be regular and punctual. No fights.. no family drama." Ron guided the people.

"Oh and the corporation is situated in a convenient location, close to all local amenities," Clara said then both Ron and Clara begun the training.

"Okay, so some of you may be selected as the personal assistants of the bosses here ... so here are certain things you all have to know," Clara said with a neutral expression on her face.

As Billina wasn't available so Ron and Clara were free and they trained the newcomers personally.

Going back after a tiring day of training, Ashton heard two people gossiping about their job.

"This is a waste of time. I'm not coming from tomorrow. The job is not final yet." said a man harshly.

"Yea these big people have no mercy training period then trial period and when the rich and arrogant boss will approve then our jobs may be finalized." said another man in a cold tone.

"It's a risk." said the first man again. Ashton thought about the matter and sighed.

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