Broken Love
Broken Love
Author: Ajiboye loveth

Hazardous Woman

There is a city where people live in peace and happiness and there's one man in that city whose name is Ford Bantle.

Ford Bantle is 41years old. Born in Philipino. 

Works as a businessman. People we commonly associate with him as a gentleman, with a good heart. He's a very rich and influential businessman, he has a very lovely family his wife's name is Rita Bantle, and their lovely daughter Beauty Bentley she's a very beautiful girl. 

Beauty is 3years old, and her father loves her so much even more than he loves his wife because Rita Bentle keeps a serious friendship with his husband enemy; Mrs. Clara Kane. 

Mrs. Clara Kane is a very wicked and greedy woman to the extent that she killed her husband because of properties. Her husband's name is Mr. Kane, who is Mr. Bentle's best friend in business and he had two sons John Kane and James Kane.

 When Beauty was 3-years, Mrs. Clara Kane told her best friend Rita Bentle to killed her husband so that she can live a peaceful life, but Rita refused because she loves her husband so much.

Clara Kane knew that Rita won't kill her husband, then she called Rita to let meet at the husband company that she has business 

issues to discuss with her husband.

Rita was so shocked and feel so surprised because her husband never mentioned anything about Clara, coming to his office for anything.

Clara dressed so sexy and went to Mr. Bantle's company when she about to enter Mr. Bantle office, she called her friend Rita, then dropped the cell phone in her handbag so that Rita will be hearing all her conversation with Mr. Bantle.

As soon as Rita heard Clara's voice greeting her husband, she rushed and pick up her car key then drive to her husband's company. When Clara got to Mr. Bentle's office, Mr. Bantle told her to get out of his office but Clara tried to kiss him. 

When Clara sees that Mr. Bantle resists her, then she started shouting calling people to help her, when people heard her voice they all rushed in, she started crying saying Mr. Bantle want to rape her.

Rita arrived, she did not believe it because she trusted her husband so much. Clara thought was maybe Rita would kill her husband with flower verse on his table.

 But she did not make any move when Mr. Bentle and his wife got home both of them started fighting.

Rita blames her husband for not updating her about the business he was planning with Clara.

"Don't you see how she was disgraced today ? because people did not believe her, I did not set up any meeting with her!" Mr. Bentle replied to his wife angrily and slam the door at her as he went inside their washroom. 

When Clara got home she started thinking, she was so pissed because her plan was ruined.

Then she thought of another plan. The next day was Saturday she dressed so sexily again and leave the house. Every Saturday Rita always went shopping with her 3 years old daughter Beauty and also she will give all her maids a break and asked only one person to stay for that day.

 Clara went to Rita villa and gave one of their maid that is on duty a poison pill and told her that her boss Mrs. Rita said she should add it to her husband juice, because her husband forgot to take his drug in the morning and if he knows he might get mad at her because she is supposed to be monitoring his drugs but she forgot.

The maid believed her and collected the pill add it to the juice then served  Mr. Bentle after 5 minutes M.r Bentle started breathing heavily and vomiting blood and dies after the casualty of Mr. Bentle.

The maid saw that Mr. Bentle his dead she started shouting, then Clara showed up immediately and strangled her to death then removed the CCV camera while she was trying to run.

Rita arrived but she did not see the person face all she saw was her back and she's not really sure maybe it was Clara, she took the backside and drove off. Rita followed her with her car but Clara never knew someone was behind her. 

When Rita knew it was Clara she presses her car speed up. Clara got home Rita also followed her inside her living room and started shouting at her for killing her husband.

Both of them started fighting and Clara said if you dare report me to the police I will also tell them about your illegal business some years back. And I will pay someone to testify against you that you kill your husband so that you can live a painful life in jail and also I will pay many people to be the witness.

Rita became so furious and angry trying to kill Clara but she could not, then Rita started laughing. One of Clara's maid saw what happened and she use her phone to the camera it but she heard someone coming towards her then she mistakenly dropped the phone inside the trash beside her.

Before she could go back to the trash to pick up her phone the house cleaner already taken the trash and throw it away, she feels so pained all her effort to get the phone was in vain.

When Rita got home police are already at home they asked her where she was coming from but she couldn't talk due to the fear in her. While this questioning was going on with her, suddenly a man came in contending Rita killed her husband and the maid!! 

"I saw her" 

But Rita did not say a word. After that, she was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.  So Beauty was asked to be taken to the motherless home since no one that will take care of her. Clara takes over the company since her husband was the second in command in the company before his death and no one to protect the position.

One woman named Mrs. Jane Pablo was barrel for good 10 years after she lost her daughter in a car accident. Went to the motherless home were Beauty was kept, she went there to adopt a child when she got their Beauty was crying bitterly.

Mrs. Jane asked why is Beauty crying the woman in charge said that is how she always cries. So Mrs. Jane decided to adopt her after she signs some document Beauty becomes her daughter and she named her "My Sunshine" and took her home.

After a month Clara thought of Beauty that if she grows up she might want to hunt her down, so she decided to kill her. She gave one of her evil men poison and a picture of Beauty that he should go and killed her.

When the man got to the chapel he saw a child that looks like a Beauty and he thought the child was Beauty then he poisoned a biscuit and gave the child after the child ate the biscuit, she dies. 

The proprietor of the chapel feel so shocked and confused and she said Maria was found on the street some years back, why would someone think of poisoning her now after so many years? 

So she thought it could be a mistake and maybe there is mixed up. She called Mrs. Jane Pablo and meet with her she told her the story of Beauty that are sister was a maid in Clara's house and she saw all that happened but she couldn't defend Mrs. Rita because she lost her evidence.

Mrs. Jane Pablo fly's beauty out of the country just to save her. After 25 years that beauty has graduated she decided to come back to Philippine and work in her mum company.

But she was in love with the guy she met abroad which happens to be James Kane one of Clara's sons.

Sunshine told his mom about James and she had him investigated privately so James and sunshine came back together. They are so much in love with each other when James told his mum about sunshine all she cares about is that she is from a wealthy family. So she agrees to their relationship Clara asked her son James to bring Sunshine to their house for dinner so he can introduce her to the family.

James' senior brother John has been heading the company his very arrogant and ruled every property of the family,  he doesn't like to be corrected or controlled by anybody including his mother.

He love his mother's sister more than his mother "Mrs clota" she helped Clara to kill her husband ever since then clota and Clara have become so close and they trust each other.

Jane investigator brings an update about James Kane that his Clara Kane second son. Jane became so angry.

 Because she knew that it was Clara that was behind the mystery that happened to the Sunshine family so she called Sunshine and told her not to continue her relationship with James. But Jane never tells Sunshine the reason behind it. 

Sunshine was so angry and leave where she was then head home. When she got home she asked her mum the reason why she can't continue her relationship with James. Her mum did not answer her, and later told her it was her final decision.

Sunshine was so sad but she did not want to let James know, the next morning James called Sunshine and told her his mum wants to meet her and she wants her to join them for dinner so that she can be introduced.

Sunshine agreed and went out to shop for dinner gown, Jane became so angry because she overheard Sunshine conversation with James. 

Jane place a call and hired some men to always guild Sunshine because she doesn't trust Kane's family and she also hire a man to help her look for the prison that Sunshine's mother was transferred to.

Sunshine comes back from her shopping and told her mum that James invited her for dinner with his family because James wants to introduce her to the family. Jane did not respond she stood up and go to her room, Sunshine feels so troubled. 

When it was James came to pick Sunshine, she has already dressed up and she hugs and pecks her mom then leaves. On their way to James' house, Sunshine looked troubled and refused to talk and smile with James.

James asked her what could be the problem? she said nothing. When they got to James' house, James went in to call his mother that Sunshine she is around. While sunshine was standing, John saw her and move closer to her and ask

"Who are you?"

"I'm Sunshine James' girlfriend."

"Do you love business?" John asked 

"Yes. Am even heading my Mum company." Sunshine replies and looks surprised by that question.

John really loves the answer she gave him and he told her to always come to their house.

James came down to meet sunshine they all go to the dining table and started eating.

Clara was asking Sunshine different questions and she is replying to her but she never mentioned that she was adopted.

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