Heart Of Revenge

James called her on the spot and told her that their family has a dinner party that night and he wants her to be there. She agreed and end the call Sunshine hate black clothes because she always thinks black clothes make her look ugly and James knew about it.

 On that dinner night Sunshine wore a black sexy gown when James saw her, he feels so surprised and asks her why she wears black clothing? 

Sunshine said it because she thought it would suit this dinner, and also she wants to change her mindset about it giving her an ugly look. James laugh it off and said that really fits her and she is pretty in it.

James introduced sunshine to the family again on that night but clota was not happy seeing her then she leaves. Clara hugs Sunshine and pecks her told her to enjoy the party. 

While Sunshine was looking around she saw John sitting all alone then she walked up to him and greet him ask maybe she can sit with him. John said why not. Sunshine asked why his sitting alone?

John told her all the ladies here are not his spec, and Sunshine asked him what type of Lady did he want? John said any lady that is smart and has business ideas. Sunshine looks so happy because she has known John's weak point.

 On that night Clota private investigator called her and told her he has information about Sunshine and it is very serious so he suggested they should meet. Clota was so Furious and she walked up to where Sunshine and John were seated and she said someone little secret will be open tomorrow and that person will be so surprised.

 Sunshine felt shocked then she excuse them and make use of the restroom she make a call and told her Guards to do something about who Clota is meeting the next day. Then she goes to James and told him she wants to go home, they both leave the party.

After James drives Sunshine home, James goes back to their house and went to his room straight once Clota noticed that James is in his room she went to meet him and told him that she got a big surprise for him the next day.

 James was so surprised because Clota is not nice to him. the following day Sunshine guards are in their car waiting for Clota to leave the house so that they can't trace her to know where she's heading to.

  Clota came out after a couple of time and drove off Sunshine guards followed her, she called her investigator to meet up with her in a junction. Before she got their her investigator his already there. 

Sunshine guards sight the investigator's car when they got close to the junction, they overtake Clota car and point a gun at the investigator's head and took him away, Clota was so nervous and ask the driver to turn back she heads home straight. 

When she got home, she couldn't tell Clara what happened because Clara warned her to stop tailing Sunshine.

  She has the feeling that it was Sunshine that plans the accident. Sunshine was at home thinking of how to make sure her mum leaves prison on time because she really wants to meet her.

 Then James called and asked her maybe he can take her out for lunch and she agreed and dressed up after a few minutes James arrived to pick her up she was so pissed seeing James face. 

But she put on a fake smiling face to deceive James when they get to the eatery after their food has been served. Sunshine asked James why his not interested in the family company because he also has the right to be part of that company.

 But James replies that Sunshine was the one that asked him to back off because of John his brother and they should build their own company themselves. So why would she bring up the Dead issue again or is there anything wrong? 

"I don't trust my mum because of her recent attitude towards me and she might even take the company way from me because I am adopted," Sunshine said to James with a pitying voice 

"I don't think your mother can do that to you because she loves you so much" 

"Come to think of it James, you always let go of whatever your brother wants. It's becoming unbearable and at least he should give you one company also. If we want to build our own company we should have one we are running to make it grow faster, do this for me James please"

James found truth in what Sunshine said and he agreed with her.

Sunshine was so happy because her plan is coming to reality. Then she said in her mind that... 

"I will destroy all your family the away your mother destroyed mine" With a smiling face towards James.

 James was trouble because of what Sunshine said after dropping her off at home on his way back home he called John and ask them to meet up. Then John asked him to come to his office when he got there with the angry mood he told John to prepare a file that he will be handling their second company.

     John laugh and said when did he turn to a comedian? and did he think this is funny, even if this company is for their parents he doesn't have any right to It.

 "I've been the one working hard all this while if you need a company go and build yours!! Or better still become Sunshine company CEO!! now get out of my office right now" John said angrily to James.

 James leaves with an angry mood and said while driving that "John will regret his action" when he got home he met his mother Clara and Clota eating he refused to greet them.

 Heading to his room but his mother called him back and ask what's the matter?

 He said is going to kill John if John did not give him what belongs to him. Clara asked why would you say that?  

James goes straight to his room. Clota and Clara were worried. Sunshine was at home celebrating because she knows that war will soon start and it going to be interesting.

 She got a call from the prison that her mum was so sick and she has been transferred to the hospital. 

Sunshine feels so sad and breaks the wine glass cup in her hand. While James was inside his room thinking when John and he were young that John always wants to have everything even if he's not happy giving it to him, he will still do it to please him.

 "I may be giving you everything all this while but I won't let go of this company!!" James said to himself. 

John was thinking and looking so worried because he never expected such a decision from James, he becomes so furious and said to himself that...

"You always gave me anything I want even when you love to have it and I'm sure you will do the same but if you don't, you will leave me with no choice than to make you my enemy James, and you know what that means!!"

 When John got home his mother asked him what happened and he said James want to take over the company. Without any further explanation, Clara told John to gave James the company because he also has the right to it and that is what their father wants before he died. 

"No! I won't give it and my father can't decide for me!!" John replied to his mom and went straight to his room.

 The next day Sunshine called Jane to go and visit her mum for her, immediately she dropped the call James called her and asked her to meet up with him Sunshine told him to come over. 

James knocked on the door Sunshine opened it and he came in crying, Sunshine asked what happened? James said John is not going to give him any company. Then Sunshine said she told him that  John is so greedy, and he has to fight for his right this time around.  Sunshine assured James that she will always back him up.

 After James left, Sunshine called John and told him she wants them to meet. John invited her to his office. She dressed very sexily and attractive to John's office, John was so surprised to see her in that sexy dress because she only came to see him.

 He asked her why she wants them to meet? she said James told her that he refused to gave him company.

"Don't tell me you came here to fight for him?"

"What if I came here to fight for him will you fight me? but am not here to fight I only came to tell you that don't give him the company because he might not have time for me again.

 And also I want us to be allies so that James can love me."

John wants to reject her decision at first because he doesn't want to interfere in their relationship, but because Sunshine said she will always give him information about James then he agreed.

Sunshine asked John not to tell anyone because James must not know about it and she leaves. Clota called John and told him to give James one of the company, John feels so disappointed and said even you? I thought you loved me!! he ends the call.

 When sunshine got home she received a call from Jane that her mum is sick again and she wants to see her, Sunshine promised to come the next day. Someone called Clota from John's office and said Sunshine visit John today. 

Clota was so surprised and said what is this devil planning again!! I promise this time I will be the one following her. Clara asked Clota who she's speaking with on phone but she said nobody and went to her room.

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