Clara was waiting for John so that she can speak with to him concerning the issue between him and James, John arrives while he was about to enter his room Clara stop him and walked up to him.

She asked maybe he has changed his mind and ready to give out the company but John did not utter a word he just walks out and enters his room. Clara then called James and asked maybe he would come home and what will he like to eat?

John heard the phone conversation and he said in his mind that he doesn't expect his mother to support him because she never cares for him like she cares any always support James.

The next day, Clota prepared herself and lied to Clara that she has some important issues to attend to very fast and she picked up her car key to go out, Clara told her not to do something silly because she knows her. Clota told Clara to trust her, and she leaves.

Sunshine was at home getting dress because she is visiting her mother in prison that day, after getting dressed Sunshine drives out and head to the prison while Clota that has been waiting and hiding inside her car around Sunshine house followed her.

Sunshine doesn't notice that someone was tailing her. When she got to the prison and walked in, Clota told her driver to followed Sunshine to see who she is visiting. Clota driver walked in and asked one of the warders who Sunshine is visiting?

The warder said her mother Rita Bentle, the driver walked out and told his boss Clota that Sunshine is meeting her mother Rita Bentle. Clota got so shocked and she steps out of the car to confirm it.

After seeing it that is true she called Clara to stay at and wait for her because she has very surprised by her. Clota saw Sunshine hugging Rita and crying she turned back and goes back to her car.

Clota asked her driver to drive faster as they head home. Clara just finished eating banana has she call one If the maid to come and clean it up. Sunshine saw Clota back view before she left the prison, Sunshine called her men to follow Clota and killed her.

Clota was telling her driver to drive faster as Sunshine men were tailing Clota's car. As the maid takes the tray of the banana peel from Clara's room and going downstairs her phone rang.

 Has she was trying to pick it up the banana peel fell down from her hand, she used her hand to pick it back to the tray but they're still some remnant on the stairs, the maid went downstairs to take mob that she will use to clean it up.

Clota drove in and ran inside while Sunshine men also arrived and they shot at Clota's car the bullet hit the driver, Clota was shouting Clara's name to please come downstairs but Clara was using earphones she did not hear anything.

Clota try to run upstairs and she matched on the banana peals and she fell down, hit her hand on the floor. The maid was coming to clean the banana peel up as she met Clota on the ground. She was covered with blood, the maid screamed and run upstairs to called Clara.


One of Sunshine called and told her that they missed the target because the bullet hit Clota driver, Sunshine screamed and she became so angry then she heads straight to Clara's house.

Sunshine met Clara crying seriously and policemen were in her house, Sunshine moved closer to Clara and asked what happened? Clara told her that Clota has been rushed to the hospital.

Sunshine asked why and what happened to her? Clara told Sunshine that she doesn't know also but the maid said she slipped off the stairs. Clara and Sunshine head to the clinic when they got there.

The doctor said Clota is in a coma and she might not recover soon, Sunshine feels happy inside. Clara faced Sunshine and asked why did she come over to their house by that time or did she have something to do with what happened to Clota? 

Sunshine asked Clara why would she have something to do with that? then Clara told Sunshine that Clots was trying to tell her something because her maid said she was shouting her name.

Sunshine moved closer and hug Clara then told her that she only came to see James that all. James rushed into the Clinic and he saw Sunshine and Clara talking, he asked how Clota is doing? Clara told James that she is still in a coma.

James turned to Sunshine and asked what she is doing here because she told him that she will be attending a meeting in her mother's company. Sunshine looks tense and asked Jame that even him?

"My meeting was canceled so I decided to come and see you at home but wait a minute, why are you asking this question?"

"Sorry, Sunshine I was worried about you that all," James said and hug Sunshine.

Clara called John and told him about the Clota incident, he got shocked and head to the clinic immediately. John couldn't control his tears when he got to the clinic and blamed his mom for not looking after Clota, Clara asked John to leave before she loses her temper on him.

Sunshine followed John outside of the clinic she stopped him and asked John to calm down because Clota get hurt and that is what she deserves! John turn back to Sunshine with his eyes full of anger then asked Sunshine what did she say?

Sunshine said, she is sorry to say this but she saw Clota meeting up with one man and after they departed, she blocked the man and asked why that woman met up with him? the man said Clota asked him to investigate John Kane's dirty secret that she wants to use it has evidence again him so that he can give James one of the company, and the man also said he has given Clota evidence to your dirty secret.

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