Benita said Sunshine know about her sister and her husband that died years ago, she has been the one taking care of their twin, but now their nanny is quitting her job because she couldn't pay them again.

And she doesn't know maybe it will be okay for Sunshine if she brings those children to come and live with them here, Sunshine was not happy with Benita request because she doesn't want anybody to intrude her mission but she had no choice because Benita is a good friend to her.

Then she accepts her friend's request, she tells Benita to bring those children over. Benita was so excited as she called the nanny back and tell her to send those children with the next flight to the Philippines and promise to credit the nanny account.


Sunshine was inside her room thinking that instead of avenging her parent's cries from Kane's family that she will also look for evidence to prove that her mother is innocent so that she can be free.

And also receive proper treatment, then Sunshine called James that she has something important to tell him. The next day Benita dressed up to go and pick the twin at the airport (Denis and Dorcas). Sunshine also leaves the house to meet up with James at home.

When Sunshine got to James' house he was inside his room still putting on pajamas and laying down on his bed. Sunshine walked in and peck him on his cheek. He asked Sunshine about the important thing she wants to tell him.

She said there is a plan she came up with and it very simple, with that James can get the company from John. Sunshine said she want to be a partner with John's company then she will buy all the company share so that her percentage will be more and they can transfer the company name to James.

James said John is very evil to deal with in business but he asked Sunshine to be careful of him as he accepts the offer and Sunshine leaves, head to John's office when she got there John was in a board meeting.

Sunshine waited for him at his office after the meeting and John got into his office, he exchanges pleasantries with Sunshine and asked what brings her here? She told John that she wants to be a partnership with him but John was so surprised.

And feels maybe Sunshine is playing a game with him, but Sunshine tells John that she wants to invest all her money and her mother money in F.R.B Company but John refused and tell Sunshine no. 

He doesn't want the company secret to linking out but the offer that Sunshine gave him was so attractive John changed his mind and he agreed to be a partner with Sunshine. That got Sunshine so happy and she thinks inside that her mission is accomplished.


When she got home Benita and the twin was already at home. Dorcas greet her nicely but Denis refused to greet her, Sunshine asked Benita why the long face from Denis? Benita said she will explain later.

They all had dinner after eating Denis was looking around the garden and she saw Sunshine speaking to someone on phone and she was mentioning about James, that she doesn't want James to have control over any company. 

Benita was looking for Denis and she was calling her name Denis heard her name and she ran inside and told Benita that she went out to look around the garden, but Benita told her it late already and ordered her to go inside and sleep.

When Denis got inside she told Dorcas that they should leave the house and search for their parents but Dorcas told Denis that she can't leave the house and she wants to always listen to Benita. 

Since she is the only family they got and she believes that one day Benita will take them to where the parent is, Denis hiss and sleep. The next day James visit them Sunshine introduced him to Benita in the presence of Denis. 

When Denis heard that the name is James then she remembers Sunshine's conversation. James stays with them throughout that day he even plays with them and tell the twin story's and also prepared snacks for them. 

At dawn that James was about to leave Denis to look around to see that nobody is around except James then she walks up to him and tells him that she wants to ask something. James smiles and tells her to go ahead.

Denis asked James maybe his Anty Sunshine boyfriend? James said no, but her fiance and why did she ask? she said Anty Sunshine has been receiving calls lately with another man saying she doesn't like James for the company.

James feels surprised and told her to go and play but Denis said can James help her and her twin look for their parent? because Benita is not taking them to their parent she always lied to them. 

Then James promised to help her and her twin look for their parent but she must do something for him. And he told Denis to always listen to Sunshine's conversation on phone and tell him anytime he comes here.

   James feels troubled because he wonders what could be happening on his way home, he called his private investigator and tell him to investigate about Benita Thomas and the twin she is taking care of.

Denis went inside to meet Sunshine and tell her that James had left and he couldn't wish her goodbye, Benita apologizes to Sunshine and drag Denis to her room then locked the door. 

Sunshine started thinking about what kind of child is Denis because she is just 6years old and she already knows how to mock someone? Sunshine picks up her phone and called James she asked him why he did not even say goodbye before leaving?

James apologized and gave an excuse that his mother called him that she is around and he wants to see her asked how is Clots doing before she goes back to the clinic. Sunshine told him no problem as she hangs up.


"Hey, Dorcas do you think Anty Sunshine is a good person?" Denis was sitting on her own bed while asking Dorcas as she was fixing her hair before going to bed. 

"Yes she is Denis because she has been a good person to us ever since we arrived here and why did you ask?"

"Nothing I just asked. Goodnight" Denis lay down and covered herself with a blanket.

"Good night."

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