John was so shocked by what Sunshine said and he did not want to believe her, but Sunshine said she has those files with her and that is why she chased her so that Clota won't tell Clara about those files but it amazes her when she discovered that Clota slips off the stairs.

And Sunshine also said the only person that knows about the secret again is the Clota driver and she tried to get rid of the driver but the bullet hit him on his arm so John should find a solution to it before the driver will wake up and the police might want to investigate him, who knows he might tell them about your dirty secret.

And police might think you plan all this. John hugs Sunshine and thanks to her for helping him out while Sunshine hand over the files to him. John went back inside and apologize to Clara for rising his voice towards her. James asked Sunshine why she is following John up and down.

John face James and said he is disappointed in him for not trusting his woman the John left the Clinic, and Sunshine followed him. James tried calling Sunshine on phone but she refused to pick up, then James followed her home.

Sunshine just arrived at home when James arrived behind her and stop her then asked why she is not picking her calls? Sunshine told James that he did not trust her and she asked James to leave her house. 

James apologizes and admits that he did wrong for not trusting her, Sunshine forgives him. The next day Sunshine visit Clots at the clinic with flowers and she said to her that...

"I wish you don't wake up" 

And she drops the Flower and leaves, when Clara arrived at the Clinic she was so surprised to see the flower and she started wondering who could visit Clota? she called one of the nurses and asked who visit Clots? but the nurse said she don't know.

Sunshine went to John office and she meets him drinking and lost in thought after Sunshine walked in, she told him to compose himself because what if it was someone else that came in, John apologize and Sunshine asked him what is thinking? John said the person he loved most betrayed him Sunshine asked him to calm down.

Then she also told John that there is this device that she got from that man Clots met with...

"What device is that?" John asked 

"What was inside it is really bad and not good for you" Sunshine replied calming and behaving as if she feels pity for John. 

John asked her to give him the device but Sunshine said she doesn't have it with her but once she gets home, she will forward what is inside it to him. While having this conversation James called Sunshine and told her that he wants to go and introduced himself as the CEO of the second company that he cannot wait for John's decision anymore. Sunshine asked him to wait for her that she is coming right away. 

Then Sunshine told John that she has a secret for him but he must promised her that no matter what he will always back her up. John promise and said if that secret worth it, Sunshine reply to him that James is going to the second Company right now to introduce himself as the new CEO. 

John feels furious and full of hatred and he throws away all the files on his table, Sunshine asked him to chill because getting angry won't solve the problem, and she leaves John's office.


Clara was thinking that what was it Clots want to tell her and who shot her driver from John he said James is trying to introduce himself as the new CEO to the second company, Clara asked John to calm down because there is no big deal there. 

But John banged the call at his mother then smashed his cell phone on the floor saying she always support James! and he said James should be ready because he has become his enemy!


Sunshine meets up with James in their house after they hug each other. Sunshine told James to plan things differently before introducing himself, James asked how? Then Sunshine said James should see John as his enemy because that is the only way out then make research and look for files that have dirt secrets of John. 

After that asked your mother the strategy that your father used in building the company and meet with those that has higher percentage in the company give them more offer by setting up a meeting with them and also with the top people in the country, sell your share and make John lose everything. 

James agreed with Sunshine's plan and he promised to work on that fast, Sunshine told James that she has to go because her mother is waiting for her at home and she leaves. On her way home, someone called Sunshine her name is Benita Claudius.

Her best friend from the state and she said she has a surprise for her. After Sunshine drop the call she called John and told him that James is planning to dig up all his dirty secret and also his readiness to meet all the top influential people because he wants to sell his share in the company.

John was so angry and hang up on Sunshine. When Sunshine got home she was so happy to see Benita because her visit was a surprise both of them were so happy to see each other,  then Sunshine went into her room and started thinking that Benita might ruin her plan and she doesn't want to get her to involve.

Sunshine decided that she won't tell Benita yet. The next day Sunshine went out to visit her mother to spend time with her while Benita was at home thinking of how she will go out to flex and be free again. Then her phone rang. 

It was from the state, her nanny called and said she and other staff will like to quit their job because they need money to feed their family and since no one is paying them here again. Benita told the nanny that to give her some time, she will call her back after hanging up the call. 

Benita feels depressed because she is really confused about how to take care of her sister's twin that has been taking her time all this while. Sunshine arrived, Benita welcome her and told her she needs a favor from her. Sunshine told Benita to asked for anything she wants.

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