Third weakness

Lame glanced at the angel of darkness while the angel curves his smile and rose the left of his eyebrow. Lame faced the other two priests and ask them to give her the bird, both of them look at each other and remember how they were sleeping and the angel of darkness walk up and wake the both of them up.

The angel of darkness said it is time to teach them how to read prophecy on the ancient temple but they have to do something for him, the two tell says anything they're ready to do it. the angel summons the Lame bird.

And when the bird arrived, the angel of darkness give it to those two and asked them to keep close eyes on it because soon he will tell them what to use it for but no matter what they must not let go of that bird or give it to anybody.

"We can't give it to you"

The two said and Lame wanted to move closer to them while Angel of darkness said one more step from Lame then the bird will die!

"Fine, I will give you your body! but you must never r
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