Accused of seduction

Chapter 16

Next day in school

Charity POV

It was always becoming a daily routine for me to wash the toilet whenever I came to school, and today wasn't any different. Well, just like yesterday, I was lucky to have marked attendance today too.

Seeing Enny in school today made me excited. At least, I won't be alone today.

"You look drained. I feel so bad that I couldn't help you," she pouted her lips as I sat beside her, but I smiled at her.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. How are you feeling now?" I asked her, and she nodded her head while smiling at me brightly.

"I'm perfectly fine now. I missed you so much yesterday," she pouted her lips, and I smiled at her.

Our history teacher, Miss Sophia came to teach us and after one more lesson, it was finally lunchtime. My phone buzzed just when people were leaving for the cafeteria, and a message from Chase popped on the screen.

'Don't forget our appointment' I bit my bottom lip as the realization dawned on me now that he asked us to meet at the roo
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