Chapter 23

Charity POV

The sound of my ringing phone pulled me out of my deep sleep, and I groaned tiredly, reaching for the phone and swiping the answer button without bothering to check who the caller was. I was clueless, not until I heard Mason's voice on the other end, and the sleep that has refused to leave my eyes since left in split seconds. I snapped my eyes open, but cringed when I saw Enny sleeping horizontally on the bed, and my legs were numb because she was laying on them. Is this much of a bad sleeper? How did she end up down there? I asked myself, but sighed and laid back on the bed because I didn't want to wake her up. I mean, not yet.

"Are you still sleeping?" His voice rang through the phone, and I scoffed angrily. I was sleeping peacefully and he chose to interrupt it, and now he was asking if I was still sleeping? Is he kidding me?

"No, I'm awake. Is there any problem? Why are you calling this early?" I asked him, finally sitting up on the bed after Enny rolled sle
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