Her bad bitch era

Chapter 33

Charity POV

'I'm going to chase you for real this time' I scoffed and cursed under my breath before walking into the school compound.

As always, some of the students I bumped into on my way kept throwing glances at me and I didn't even bother to give them attention. I held my backpack tightly and headed to my class.

I stopped in front of the class and took a deep breath before I walked inside, and headed to my seat.

"Who does she think she is? Because she is dating one of the shareholders of the school now she thinks she can boast about like that?"

"She's so shameless. Who knows, maybe she seduced him too. Doctor Mason would never have settled someone like her,"

"Seducing Chase wasn't enough, now she has seduced that young man and had him wrapped around her finger? Gosh! I had no idea people are still this shameless these days,"

"If she were my sister, I would've cut ties with her. I can't be family with someone this shameless," Some of the students were saying clearly to
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