Officially going to chase her

Chapter 32

Charity POV

"How did the date go?" I met Enny waiting for me at my doorstep when I got home, and she rushed to me as soon as I stepped out of the cab that came to drop me off.

"Why would you do that? It was all your doings and you pretended so we'll like you knew nothing about it?" I scoffed unbelievably, but she sighed.

"Doctor Mason is sure a snitch. I thought he promised me he was not going to tell you about it," She mumbled disappointedly.

"Come on, Charity. I wouldn't have folded my arms and watched you get bullied like that. I'm your friend, and I needed to do something to help you out," She pouted her lips, and I scoffed unbelievably.

"Whatever!" I rolled my eyes at her.

"How did it go? I mean the date," She asked curiously, but I shook my head.

"You better go back home because you are getting no words from me," I smirked at her.

"You can't do that to me, Charity. I've been waiting here in the cold for close to an hour. Are you going to treat your friend like this?"
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